Blue Eyes Makeup - Simple Tips You Can Use to Your Advantage

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes Tutorial
By Evelyne Auprah
For nearly all women with blue eyes, makeup application can be difficult. Not all women have the same basic eye shades so it can be even harder to go with tips that give you a small color scale. Most women with blue peepers have lighter skin tones, but there are plenty of women who have light eyes but a darker skin tone. Pale skin blue eyed women often tan in the summer time, changing the way the hue of their eyes look.
It's not necessary to use a lot of makeup. At the same time, you want to use enough to really bring out your features, especially your look. Makeup is like for highlighting your facial features and bringing them out in their own beautiful way. This means that many women struggle to find the shades and the depth of makeup that is appropriate for them. Practice varying degrees of makeup to find your personal makeup level that works for you.
When working on the eyes, you are typically working on your best features. Most women would love to bring out their eyes in a way that is stunning and alluring. Doing so often depends in part on the shade of blue that the eyes really are.
Some women have very dark blue eyes. Other women have the more common medium to light blue eyes. A small percentage have blue color eyes one day, grey eyes the next, and sometimes even green eyes on occasion. These grey blue dusty eyes are often referred to as simply gray blue.
Blue does not necessarily work on blued eyed women. Unless your eyes are very deep blue, dark shades can wipe away the vigor of the eye. You can use dark shades for very dark eyes or you can use dark shades for lining the eye provided that you back it up with lighter shades for a layered visual effect.
Light shades can work on grey blue eyes as well as mid blue ones. You don't want to use light shades that help wash out your color. Very light shades should be avoided, as they tend to increase the pale look of a light eyed, pale skinned woman. Light shades can help define a grey blue eyed woman's features. The lighter shades can often be backed up by a darker liner for bringing out the various shades within the eye.
Blue eyes makeup can often be coordinated with the clothes, as clothes often help determine the changing colors of these eyes. Dark eyes can be enhanced through deeper layering. Mid to light blue eyes almost always need a layering that is full shaded, rising above the lid and up toward the brow. Check out more eye makeup tips and see what works for you.
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Cyber Eye Makeup

We scoped out the online beauty eye makeup ideas for Cyber Monday and we're sharing them with you.  If you're willing to take risks and appear truly original, then check out this Cyber makeup ideas. Cyber Colors, known for its creative edge, highlights a range of directional colors into the cosmetic series. Advanced brightening makeup that helps to instantly eliminate the look of dark spots, dullness and discoloration for flawless clarity. From classic to contemporary, most makeup of cyber goths is quite complex and is color coordinated with the rest of their outfit. Cyber Goth makeup is as varied as it is colorful and there's so much choice when it comes to make up of this style.
Cyber Eye Makeup
Cyber Eye Makeup
cyber eye makeup
cyber eye makeup

Cyber Goth Eye Makeup is one type of make-up so that you will look dazzle in the public. The general look of Cyber makeup idea is a kind of bright, cyberpunk, goth, raver, and rivet-head. Cyber can give you a sexy sultry look given you wear the right outfit and cosmetics eyeshadow and eyeliner products can be combined to create your personal favorite look.
Cyber Eye Makeup punk
Cyberpunk Eye Makeup

 Cyber Colors makeup products and tools are the inspiration behind countless fashionable looks and styles.  the makeup features an edgy, raw look while still using bright colors. It  represents a blending of futuristic and goth makeup styles, so don't hold back on this look since we wanted it to be a cyber goth look.
Glittery Cyber Eye Makeup
Glittery Cyber Eye Makeup
matching eye color to eye makeup is one of the best thing to start here.
Cyber Eye Makeup

Fact: In a Zoosk study of 1850 men, guys prefer celebrities and daters looking natural, online daters with makeup.

so, if you want to start Cyber Eye Makeup right away but you need a sparkling ignition to do it We recommend you to do below Eye Makeup Step by step as your first. This will lead you to the next brave colors of Cyber Makeup Ideas and creativity.
Cyber Eye Makeup for starters
Cyber Eye Makeup for starters

The Healthiest Eyes

Healthy eyes are perfect horizon world , so from that point, you must take care of both your eyes with the best . But unfortunately , there are still plenty of people out there who are less concerned with the health and eye care are not many things that can damage the eye directly . In fact, the untreated eye and can not be cared for properly functioning , and potentially blindness.

That's why , if you have not been treating and using your eyes to the good and healthy way , it's time for you to treat your eyes . You never know when the right way in the treatment and care for eye health , here are some ways or things you can do in order to have eyes that always healthy .

Consuming Healthy Foods Good For Eyes
"The eyes are the windows world " And the only way to keep the fixed window is wide open to make sure you get the right kind and amount of nutrients that meet the specific needs of an eye. This is the simplest way to treat the eyes , when you can not do the other eye treatments . By consuming foods that are good for the eyes , you are said to treat eye from the inside. Consuming foods that are good for the eyes intent is to consume food which contains nutrients that help improve and maintain eye health .

Nutrients such as vitamins, namely vitamins A, E , and C , and beta carotene are two nutrients between the eye nurse . Vitamin A, E , and C can be obtained in a high variety of vegetables and fruits , such as carrots , oranges , and the latest is Pomegranate fruit .

You do not have to buy fresh fruit, fruit juice and make them manually. In the modern era like now, you can even buy fruit extract drinks in supermarkets . But of course , make their own fruit juice it feels more natural and reasonable . Food that we include in our nutritional intake can do many things to prevent all eye diseases may even contribute to the development of their own eyes . For example , if we consider the rich nutritional intake of vegetables, herbs, spices and fish thus, antioxidants , beta- carotene , vitamin C , vitamin E , lutein and zeaxanthin , zinc and omega- 3 fatty acids , then known as nutritional intake ideal for keeping your eyes in fresh condition . Go to List of Foods for Healthy Eyes

Avoid activities that damage eyes
Most eye damage caused by the owner's eyes . The first thing that must be avoided in order to keep health points are read in the shade , with the wrong position (such as sleep position ) . In addition to fewer points get less light , reading in dim with sleep position will quickly tired eyes , and irritation .

The next thing that should be avoided in keeping the eyes is too many times being in front of the television , computer , or other electronic items emit radiation rays .

If you love watching television , a suggestion to you is to watch a short distance away from the television : that is, two times the diagonal measurement of television . And when you are required to work at a computer, gymnastics eye once every twenty minutes is the best way of keeping your eyes from radiation .

In addition to the radiation beam from the television or computer , ultraviolet rays from the sun also reflects poorly on the eye . But then, when you go out during the day , protect your eyes by using black glass helmet , or sunglasses .
Eliminate Bad Habits or Avoid hanging out at Night
Perhaps not many know that the human eye has been created to relax in the evening : at night, the eyes produce melotonin . That's why men tend drowsy and fell asleep at night. Adequate rest are things that support eye health and sharpness .

Ophthalmologists consultation
This is to ensure the healthy eye You 're in good condition or not .

List of Foods for Healthy Eyes

Here i share you the list for the sake of your vision:

- Carrots . Carrot is a powerhouse of antioxidants beta - carotene . And this is the substance that is converted by the body into vitamin A , a potent nutrients to maintain good vision , and to prevent diseases such as night blindness , macular degeneration and cataracts .

- Avocado . The next on the list is avocado . This tropical fruit is loaded with antioxidants called lutein ( more than any other fruit ) , which is believed to protect eye health . Also , fruit richness in vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin B6 , and vitamin E , making it all the more powerful weapon to keep an eye health in a variety of situations .

- Broccoli . Every time I speak of this vegetable , I see the faces of the kids get a sense of nausea . Reportedly this is not a favorite vegetable among children . whereas , these vegetables are loaded with antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin , and vitamin C are also present . Although not many , vegetables have a satisfactory amount of beta - carotene in it .

- Spinach . These green vegetables are also a rich source of lutein and zeaxanthin , and natural sources of beta - carotene . Lutein and zeaxanthin , in case , you do not realize is naturally present in the retina and macular eye . Spinach serves as a sunscreen for the eyes . So the daily intake of spinach increased levels of antioxidants in the eye , and helps to prevent eye problems , including age -related macular degeneration . Also , spinach is a rich source of vitamin C.

- Eggs . Chicken eggs are rich in the antioxidant lutein . And according to a study carried out in some people age 60 or older , eating one egg per day increase the levels of lutein and zeaxanthin in the body , and that too without increasing cholesterol levels .

- Tomato . tomatoes not only look beautiful when added to a green salad , but also helps in maintaining a sharp vision , and beautiful eyes . These fruits provide great benefits to the eye because of the wealth in vitamin C and lycopene . Lycopene , in particular , is a carotenoid that is believed to protect the eye against oxidative damage thus , an essential nutrient for proper eye function .

- Cabbage . These vegetables provide you with vitamins , minerals , and more importantly with antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxathin per calorie , which is more than any other food . The antioxidants , in particular , keep the retina from suffering damage from free radicals , keeping diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts at bay .

- Orange juice is loaded with vitamin C , potassium , folate , calcium and fiber. And the cumulative effect of all the nutrients can be found in a person's overall health .

- Salmon . Substances contained in abundance in salmon more than a lot of other fish species. Salmon consumed as a routine part of the intake of nutrients helpful in protecting the small blood vessels in the eye.

- Oysters . The main advantage of this is eating mollusks wealth , the mineral zinc . Zinc not only improve vision , but also boost the immune system . Although zinc can also be found in pork or beef , oysters are known to contain more of it than any other food source .

healthy eye makeup tips

Hi 2013, what we've got so far is great and we hope you have it, too. let's say that we can start all over again about makeups but one thing that never change, Eye makeup can define how natural or dramatic your look is. the fashion world offers a huge selection of Eye Makeup and yes, you'll find Eye Make Up such as eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara online directly via your PCs, tablets and your smartphone. considering Eye makeup is a common source of eye infection, you'll need the most suitable makeup for your health sake.
eye makeup eye makeup
yes, this 2013 first post is about healthy eye makeup stuff. you'll need this for sure to keep your eyes healthy as well as beautiful:

- do not use your cosmetics if they are older than three months. Infectious germs grow easily in liquid and creamy cosmetics. immediately put away all of your eye makeup if you got an eye infection.
- Never share cosmetics, and when you wanna try some samples in stores, ask for fresh applicators and samples that haven't been used by multiple users.
 Avoid products that contain untested or harmful chemicals.
- clean your face and eyelids Before applying makeup and Never apply makeup while in a moving vehicle.
- Don't separate your mascara-clumped lashes with sharp items.
- avoid Glitter eye makeup, powder or other makeup that flakes.  especially in contact lens users, it is a common cause of corneal irritation or infection
- Remove all eye makeup before sleeping, avoid getting it in your eyes and thoroughly rinse remover off your eyelids.
- If you have eye surgery, do not wear makeup around the eye until your ophthalmologist tells you it is safe to do so, and then use only fresh, new makeup.