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You just learn dramatic eye makeup and confused where to start? While the knowledge and the ability of your makeup are not too qualified, do not worry. Here are some steps of eye makeup ideas that a simple eye makeup can make your eyes look more beautiful. Not to be confused because it's actually easy eye makeup. All you need to have is a desire to learn and experiment. In fact, if you only have a little collection of colors and equipment, you can still learn.

It is common knowledge if the eyes are the windows to the heart. Eyes can radiate what is in someone's heart. Therefore, maintaining eye health into it is no less important. To make your eyes look to be more "something" is also important. Eye makeup is the answer. As one of the most important part of the face, eye makeup quite something quite difficult. Rounded contours of the skin area with a different eye to the contours of the skin around the other face is one of the factors causing the difficulty occurred.

Learn to make your eyes more "talk" with make-up is tricky. It is easy because the stages are not so tough and hard because if it does not fit, eye makeup will actually destroy your overall makeup.

For those who are used to dress up or using makeup on her face, eye makeup must be completed within a few minutes In contrast to those who are just learning. Stacks of tissue that is used to remove eye makeup scratches that do not fit certain will scattered here and there. It will definitely take some time and make your patience thinning.

Eye Makeup - Eye Shadow
Perhaps, the main eye makeup is a must-have women's eye shadow. This is due to a variety of eye shadow can create the illusion of eye to eye may seem soft, sexy, or even violent. eye makeup for brown eyes isn't that difficult.


* If you're new to learn, have eye makeup with neutral colors such as variations in the color brown, white, gray, and black. Neutral colors can be used for various events.
* Do not use a sponge or eye shadow comes from the factory because usually the quality is not good. Choose a wide eye shadow brush and small brush with hair that looks thick and smooth.


Using eye makeup eyeshadow, it’s usually one color, two colors, three colors, or four colors. On the application of color, brush one color only on the eyelids. Then, drag it slightly to the upper boundary is not visible until the skin and eye shadow.

To make up the eyes of two colors, choose two colors of young and old. There are several variations in wear. The first is to put a dark color in the color lines the eyelids and young people above the line.

You can also wear the color pink on the eyelid. Put in the dark corners of the eyes and up to three-quarters of the eyelid crease then, again bright colors on it (under the eyebrows).
Meanwhile, the application of eye makeup is to wear a three color variations of two colors plus a darker color on the corner of the eye. If done properly, eye makeup eyeshadow will increasingly make use of your eyes,

Eye Makeup - Eyeliner
Many women would like eyeliner because it can make a sharper eye makeup like a cat's eye and it suits eye makeup for small eyes. Eyeliner has a variety of forms such as pencils, gels, liquids, and powders.
If you are just learning, do eye makeup pencils and gel forms are the best choice. Pencil may be a bit annoying because it is easily broken and you have to whittle.


* Eye shadow can also be worn as black eyeliner. Add a few drops of water on your brush before taking the black color.
* Freeze your eyeliner pencil before worn so thin.
* Always wear black or brown, however, you can wear white eyeliner on the bottom slightly to eliminate the effects of fatigue.
* Coloring the inside bottom of the eye can be harmful to the health of your eyes. So, better not do.


Wearing eyeliner can be a challenge if you learn to make up the eye. Use the help of a magnifying glass with 5x or more so you can see exactly the line you made.
Draw lines from the inside to the outside of the eye by following the eye line. If in doubt, make a half circle in advance and finish the rest. For the bottom, make the line quite two-thirds of the eye.

Eye Makeup - Mascara
If you do not have much time to make up the eye, wear eye makeup in the form of mascara. In addition to making a more tapering lashes, your eyes so it looks more radiant. Since the age of store mascara that only three to six months, you better not buy expensive mascara. it's great tool for eye makeup for blue eyes


* Use a good eyelash curler with a cushion. Eyelash curler eyelashes help you become more tapering.
* If you really want to appear eccentric, always use black mascara or brown color.


To wear mascara, hold for a moment at the root of the lashes. After that, up to the top follows the shape of the lashes. If you feel less, add one more. Maintain eye makeup, especially regarding maintaining eyelashes to look long-lasting, you can add the powder upon usage. Before swiping your lashes with a brush that is included in mascara, enter the first brush in the powder. The powder is dry on the lashes will help maintain your lashes stay,

Eye Make up - Eyebrows
Make up eye brows part is actually a tricky thing. Because the eyebrows just above the eyes, people will get more attention if there is something wrong with your eyebrows. Conversely, neat and nice eyebrows can change your entire appearance.

If you are unsure of the make-up which one is better trim the eyebrows through professional services. After that, you can add your own blanks eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.


* Look for an eyebrow pencil the same color with your hair exactly. This means you have to choose between black or dark brown.
* If you need to tidy up your own eyebrows, trim the bottom of the eyebrow, not the top.
* You can also wear eye shadow with a similar color, but the results will not be durable.


For coloring eyebrows, do the dotted like to fill in the eyebrow hairs are a little sparse. If you are afraid of polish eye makeup in this one, use the help of a safety line that is made of eye shadow or eyeliner white.

Eyes are the window of heart. Creating beautiful eyes with eye makeup is one way that your heart window also looks more beautiful. Playing with eye makeup will give added value to the appearance. Eye makeup also will help you cover the shortfall in your eyes, like black bags to cover a circular on the eyes.
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Applying eye makeup

The eyes are reflection of the heart. Applying eye makeup is not just putting a variety of colors, but also must be able to reflect the personality you have. Anything as beautiful as your eye makeup, but if you do not feel comfortable and confident with makeup is the look you would not be perfect. Therefore, choose the type of eye makeup that suits your self personality.

Shimmery Eyes

Applying eye makeup

this Eye makeup is suitable for you who like to look glamorous and brilliant style. This eye makeup, in addition to using metallic powders can also be added with various beads.
Applying eye makeuptaylor swift eye makeupApplying eye makeup

- Cover your eyelids with foundation and then applied eye shadow with shades of brown.
- Edge line drawing the eyes with an eyebrow pencil to the ends of the eye to form a line of eye makeup looks like Cleopatra.
- Add the cream type eye shadow and then applied to meet the entire eye area. Make sure the shadow does not remove or cover the line of chocolates that you have previously made.
- mix with three colors, then add silver metallic eye shadow, and sprinkle the entire surface of the eyelids.
- Pinch and strengthen the lashes with mascara makeup.

Glossy Eyes

Applying eye makeupApplying eye makeupApplying eye makeup

You who like to experiment and confident, eye makeup is perfect choice.

- Apply foundation on eyelids, while the pad under your eyes with a sprinkling of powder eye shadow so that the rest is easy to clean.
- Select one of your favorite eye shadow colors and then put them on.
- Pinch and strengthen lashes by applying mascara, it is intended that the mascara is not damaged when given a touch of glossy.
- As a final touch, apply eye shadow with a glossy effect.
Applying eye makeup

Smokey Eyes

smokey eyes

This eye makeup is appropriate for the evening event. It looks likely sensual and teasing, you are the center of attention.
smokey eyes

- It is applied in advance of your eyelids with a foundation and add a bit of neutral-colored eye shadow.
- Apply a black eye pencil to line your eyes, then add brown eye shadow colors.
- Rub and spread black shadow around the eyes is by using a special eraser makeup is made of rubber.
- Add eye shadow shades of gray for owners of small eyes, or use a brown color if your eyes tend to be large. Brush it around the eye line to taper the ends of the eye.
- sharpen hue of your eyes with eyelashes clamping and using mascara.

other Tips:

Avoid applying the same color on eye makeup or lipstick and clothes you wear. a slightly different makeup to give the impression of a modern and elegant.

Applying makeup eyes

How To Make Your Eyes Pop

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes usually run up against the problem of choosing the right color that can accentuate the color of their eyes. Choose the right color and the brilliance of your blue eyes will knock people off their feet; but, choose the wrong one and your eyes could look pale and watery. So, what are the colors that can be used for eye makeup for blue eyes? There are a whole range of colors that you can safely experiment with, and a lot also depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve – natural, dramatic, or classic eye makeup.

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Here are some makeup tips for blue eyes that you don’t want to miss out on. Follow them and you will soon be able to tell which colors naturally complement the color of your eyes, your skin tone and even the color of your hair.
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Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

Choosing the right shade of eye shadow is essential to all kinds of eye makeup. For blue eyes, the rule of the thumb is to use shades that contrast with the natural color of your eyes. Therefore, colors like gray, taupe, camel, browns, charcoal, blacks, pink, fuschia, copper, lilac, violet, silver, and gold would be your best bet. Unless you have really dark blue eyes, do not apply blue eye shadow. They are bound to make the colors of your eyes pale in comparison.

Choosing Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup for blue eyes there is one very simple and easy to remember rule – the darker the shade of the eyeliner, the more brilliant your eyes are going to look. For this reason, go in for eyeliners in shades of dark blue, shades of brown and black, and dark green. Lavenders, pale purples and pinks also work really well with blue eyes.
makeup eyesmakeup
Consider If you are too scared to try any color whatsoever, use some shimmer or a liquid white sparkle eye pencil. It may be more of a stark effect but the sparkle they lend to your eyes will be interesting.

Keep the Mascara Minimal

The mascara for blue eyes should be limited to the basic black. If you feel the need to be a little bolder and experiment, then go in for dark blue mascara. For blue eyes, make up is primarily dependent on the eye shadow and eyeliner. These two together create the maximum effect. The mascara complements blue eyes better when you are opting for a nude look with some shimmer or glitter on the eyes.

Towards the end, let me add that the best kind of eye makeup for blue eyes has come out of people who wished to experiment with different colors and shades. While there are some rules to applying makeup, they shouldn’t stop you from playing with colors occasionally. If you try a certain color or look and you feel that you are able to carry it off well and it looks good on you, let nobody tell you anything different. At the end of the day, it’s about you feeling good about yourself. That’s what real beauty is about.

eye makeup for blue eyeseye makeup for blue eyes

eye makeup application

eye makeup applicationeye shapeseye makeup applicationeye makeup applicationeye makeup applicationbeauty tips

Learn the basics of eye makeup application beginning with determining the shape of your eyes.

PROTRUDING or BULGING EYE - The goal here is to recess the eyelid, from seemingly to protrude. Uses a dark toned eye shadow and blend this over the eyelid, fading color away near eye socket. Apply eyeliner along top lid, and lightly smudge. On lower lid, draw eyeliner at outer corner only and smudge softly. Apply highlighter on brow line. Please don�t use light or frosted colors on eyelid, as this will make eyes pop out further. With this eye shape, finish off with some navy or deep gray pencil on inner rims to help make the eyeballs appear smaller.

CLOSE SET EYES - These need a dark shadow blended into out half of the eyes to give illusion that they are further apart. Start by drawing your pencil out a little just above natural eye crease. Now blend a strong color into the outer area. The inner top lid area can be left natural or a pale color can be used if you like. When applying mascaras, brush your top lashes outwards, concentrating on the color with an extra coat on outer lashes

WIDE SET EYES - Can appear closer set and more attractive if you emphasize the inner eye area with color to draw eyes together. Apply eyeliner pencil all way across the bottom lid with only a tiny extension on the outer corners. Apply any strong colored shadow to your outer socket line, but instead of extending it up and out, angle it towards your inner brows. Further enhance this with a lighter shade on your inner lid and complete the look with mascara concentrating on inner lashes.

SMALL EYES - to recognize this as your shape, there seems to be very little space between lashes and eyebrows, so we need to give the appearance of a much larger eye. Apply a light color on the eyelid. Use a darker shade in the socket (or crease) of eye and bring this color to the outer corner to lengthen eye area. With dark toned eyeliner, outline eye, intensifying color slightly at outer edges of eye, then slightly smudge. Use a light highlighter along the brow bone to add width to eye.

DEEP SET EYES - This type appears like a hooded eye. Place a light colored shadow over entire lid, and apply a highlighter along the brow bone line. Use a darker toned shadow, and begin at the socket line and blend color out above the crease to recess the area. Use a small amount of eyeliner, in a thin line for definition only along top lid and 2/3'rds along lower lid blending towards the outer edge.

ASIAN EYE SHAPE - usually has a minimal eyelid and eyes are wide space. Gently brush a light or neutral color over eye area and blend towards nose area. Using a darker shadow, apply to lid, starting along lash line, and fading the color upwards and out to a half-way pint between lash and eyebrow. Apply eyeliner close to lashes to give appearance of thickened lash line. Line the lower lid and smudge to soften the line.

NORMAL EYES - If you are fortunate enough to have this shape you can be as adventurous as you like. What you should be aiming for with eye makeup is to make your eyes look even more attractive by giving them strength with the help of eyeliner pencil. A pale color can be blended on lid while a darker shade is smoothed into the outer corners and socket line to give more depth and character. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

DROOPY EYES - These need to be lifted at the sides with the help of clever shading on the outer areas of the top lid. A little extra eyeliner slanted upwards on the corners and further blended and subtly extended with shadow plus extra mascara on the top lashes.

AGEING EYES - can look years younger with the help of soft contouring. Use eyeliner pencil around the outer corner of the eyes, making sure that the line is kept thin. Avoid frosted shadows completely. Apply a soft toned shadow, like a mossy green, light brown or gray with a hint of blue in it, to the outer eye area, keeping the color close to the lashes. Use a soft peach color on your inner top lid. Mascara often looks too thick and unnatural on older eyes, so try to have lashed tinted instead OR apply mascara lightly. Then apply your Mascara: Take out the mascara wand and roll it on a tissue to remove any excess product. (Don't pump the wand in the tube -- you'll introduce air and dry out the mascara.) Hold the wand at the base of the lashes, give the wand a wiggle and pull it through the lashes. Build volume with several thin layers rather than a single goopy one. Clumps? Comb them out with an eyelash comb or a disposable plastic wand.

eye makeup applicationeye makeup applicationeye makeup applicationeye make upeye make upsmokey eye makeupeye make upapply eyelinereye makeupeye makeup

here some beautiful women pictures those have succeed eye makeup application

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