Taylor Swift Eye Makeup

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Here is One of the best and most updated eye makeup style for the talented singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift became one of country's brightest (and youngest) faces in 2006, when the 16-year-old released her first album. Taylor Alison Swift was born December 13, 1989 and she is an American singer-songwriter and occasional actress. Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 14 to pursue a career in country music, first known for her hit song " You Belong with Me." And she is gorgeous with her makeup, that's the reason why she become this time topic. Taylor Swift's Gorgeous Blue Eye Makeup Look is one of best we share here because by seeing her look, you don't want to be a girl who has heavy eye makeup on, while her simple makeup always really defines her eyes.
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The key to Taylor Swift's sexy Country Music Awards makeup lies in her arched brows and upswept eye makeup. Taylor Swift's trademark eye makeup shape is one that's designed to make the eye look thin and exotic. While this makeup design isn't normally hard to imitate, cheek, rosy lip and light eye, but just a little drama with an indigo eye liner. She rarely shoots a bad photo, and there are lots of perfect examples.

you can analyze Taylor Swift's eye makeup at the ACM Awards and see for yourself that her makeup is such an easy eye makeup to imitate her look by following these simple steps:

- under the brow bone you can Apply Almond Eyeshadow and to the inner 1/3 of the lid.
- in the crease you can apply Espresso Eyeshadow and wrap under lower lash line 1/3 way across.
- on lid up to the crease and lower lash line, put on Chocolate Sun Color Max Shadow,
- with a clean brush, blend any hard crease lines.
- finish the look with Lasting Creme Black Eyeliner and Supreme Lash Black Mascara.

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we suggests to curl your eyelashes, then put on from lids to brows an eye-shadow primer light layer or you can use oil-free foundation, both grip onto makeup, those are to prevent color from migrating. Taylor is known for her oval shaped cat eye and when it is done proper, a winged eye attracts consideration to your peepers and makes them glow.
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Lady Gaga Eye Makeup

Who Is Lady Gaga?

Wait, wait,..wait!! it's a wrong question. let me ask you this.. lady gaga - telephone Is this the dawn of a new era for Lady Gaga? Mama Monster shows off fresh face in photos here at brasseriealize.blogspot.com. If you're daring and innovative like the successful singer, Lady Gaga, and on top of that, you like fashion, this is your chance to prove it. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American singer and songwriter. Born and raised in New York City, She surely knows how make herself noticed with her eclectic, very personalized fashion style and make up. Lady Gaga's style isn't for the faint of heart. With her elaborate outfits and ever changing hairstyles, she fearlessly manages to push the envelope of fashion.

For gaga look, we recommend using eye makeup cosmetics which contains both a matte white cream eye shadow and a shimmering black cream eye shadow. remember that Striking eyes are essential for a Lady Gaga look. Use your finger to apply the matte, white cream eye shadow in uneven amounts around the entire eye. Apply more in some areas, very little in others, and carelessly blend. It was hard for me to find any decent pictures of Lady Gaga's eye makeup but i'm sure you got the idea. the eye color is not a problem at all since Gaga's overall makeup is one full package.

lady gaga poker face album lady gaga born this way next, make sure that you have full coverage when working towards the lash line and the bottom rim of your eye. If necessary, go over this area with a white pencil eyeliner. then With a lip brush, add a black cream eye shadow beneath the lash line of your bottom lid (leave your lower rim and the top of your lower lash line white). again, find cosmetics that has all the colors you need to create Lady Gaga's eye makeup, because i think she has the bravest eye makeup for all times. Lady Gaga's makeup ranges from simple and classy to funky and exotic. Lady Gaga always has her eye makeup very neat and definitely stylish looking. Lady Gaga has themes for her makeup, which will help you decide on which one to choose for your wildest events.

lady gaga time magazine next step is, add the black cream eye shadow to the upper lid, bringing it from the inner corner of the eye up to the crease, then swoop it down and out toward the outer corner of the eye to create a cat eye shape. Using your finger or a clean brush, blend the outer edge of the black eye shadow with the white layer beneath it, sweeping back and forth gently so that it lightens the intensity of the black color. It’s no secret that many have gone gaga for Gaga. So much so that the latest trend from the superstar singer are the big doe or anime eyes that she sports in her music videos.

now your Fame Monster makeup is ready to take over the stage with your drop-dead-gorgeous looks. For an intense, long-lasting black color, set the cream shadow by patting a black eye shadow powder on top of it. This should follow the same shape that you made with black cream shadow in previous actions, but it should be about 1/4 of an inch smaller, leaving the blended black-white portions untouched. cat eye has landed on the lids of ladies from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga. Use a Q-tip to swipe a wedge-shape out of the outer corner of the eye shadow you have applied. You can leave this wedge skin-tone or fill it in with more of the white eye shadow, depending on how much white you have in the surrounding area.

lady gaga just dance makeup lady gaga paparazzi Ensure that you have several different shades of eye shadow in your kit, as well as; eyeliner, mascara, and false eyelashes. Finish by sprinkling a little bit of loose glitter over closed eyes. Lady Gaga's beauty choices are causing eyebrows to raise, with makeup mavens riveted by her every look. It doesn't matter if you have fallout on the face or body since you will be adding more glitter to these areas later.
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