Beautify Eyelashes

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Thick and full Eyelashes are women’s dream. it's a part of eye makeup elements. For that, it takes care and routine maintenance. Here, tips to beautify eyelashes:
1. Clean the eyelashes at bedtime. Eyelashes tend to break easily in the dry state. Instead, remove eye makeup before bed, and then apply petroleum jelly on the eyelashes using a cotton swab gently.
2. In order to look beautiful and keep lashes curled, use eyelash curler before applying mascara. Avoid excessive application of mascara for eyelashes can be lumpy and does not look natural.
3. Use vitamin eyelashes. Begin by coating the lashes with face powder, mascara and vitamins in order to be more durable.

Tips to lengthen eyelashes naturally
Every woman would want to look beautiful in many ways to create such beauty. One is to beautify eyelashes, women usually create the effect of lashes that look beautiful with the use of mascara and false eyelashes, to take the way by planting eyelashes are available in beauty salons. There are also some cosmetic products that claim to grow lashes longer. But that's just a temporary nature, well here I've got tips lengthen eyelashes naturally you can try to grow longer eyelashes naturally, with the following five steps.
1. Taking a multivitamin to stimulate eyelash growth. Vitamin E, but good for skin and hair, can also stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Regularly consume vitamin E capsules per day with a drink or meal diligent nuts and green vegetables.
2. Give a lubricant on the lashes, like olive oil or petroleum jelly to get the strong and healthy lashes. Apply the product at night, and clean up after waking up the next morning.

3. Apply vitamin E oil on the lashes using a special brush to clean.
4. Brush your eyelashes every day with a special brush, to avoid dust and dirt on the eyelashes, also make the lashes are always neat.
5. Do not forget to clean the mascara and eyeliner before bed. Chemical particles found in eye makeup can make the lashes be damaged if it is too much left in overnight.

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