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Hola gals! Who does not know the pop-punk singer from Canada, Avril Lavigne? Take a look at her; Avril appearances from top to bottom are different. Emerged as a teen idol with a Punk Princess, Avril Lavigne spread the "virus" new dress styles, a combination of skater, street style, gothic, and a touch of girly .. But now, the style of Avril became more mature and feminine. Rebel style of dress and natural smokey eyes makeup but identical with it. Well, here ya, smokey eyes, make-up trends of all time. Why? Because, smokey eyes eye makeup techniques enthusiasm is more and more.

Hmm, Avril Lavigne is the best one of the smokey eyes trendsetters. she is brasserie alize eye makeup most inspiration. Check out all the cool makeup, plus a clear impression of the dark eyes. In the past or present, smokey eyes make-up trends are already much-loved, not just for style or gothic rock, but also in accordance with feminine style. Moreover, one of the advantages that smokey eye makeup, could confirm or make the eyes glaze over and slanted so great.

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avril lavigne eye makeup

avril lavigne new Development of the technique in question is the smokey eyes dark impression of the changes to be rather bright. So, it is not only about a dark color, bright colors can also be used. Well, the simple steps are, you can use eyeliner on the eye, after scraping through to the end of the eye, use a blending technique or wipe it with your index finger. This can make the color more pervasive and integrated to look more clear and large. Now, to add intensity, use a little brighter eye shadow. Besides the impression of dark smokey, you can also complement the beauty of your eyes with mascara or eyelash curler. The selected color eye shadows are up to you. Purple, brown, turquoise, but do not be too flashy. Finally, tadaaa, all boys eyes are directed at you.

Although many techniques to decorate with smokey eyes, it turns out some teens choose the right conditions when the impression smokey eye makeup. They often claim to use the smokey eye makeup when attending official events. Indeed smokey eyes makeup is best suited for today's girls. Impression can add beauty smokey eyes. Well, makeup smokey eyes emang you should try. Because, even though you use the smokey eyes technique, your face will still look natural. So, you do not have to add other colors are striking in the face, such as red lipstick or blush.
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