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You just learn dramatic eye makeup and confused where to start? While the knowledge and the ability of your makeup are not too qualified, do not worry. Here are some steps of eye makeup ideas that a simple eye makeup can make your eyes look more beautiful. Not to be confused because it's actually easy eye makeup. All you need to have is a desire to learn and experiment. In fact, if you only have a little collection of colors and equipment, you can still learn.

It is common knowledge if the eyes are the windows to the heart. Eyes can radiate what is in someone's heart. Therefore, maintaining eye health into it is no less important. To make your eyes look to be more "something" is also important. Eye makeup is the answer. As one of the most important part of the face, eye makeup quite something quite difficult. Rounded contours of the skin area with a different eye to the contours of the skin around the other face is one of the factors causing the difficulty occurred.

Learn to make your eyes more "talk" with make-up is tricky. It is easy because the stages are not so tough and hard because if it does not fit, eye makeup will actually destroy your overall makeup.

For those who are used to dress up or using makeup on her face, eye makeup must be completed within a few minutes In contrast to those who are just learning. Stacks of tissue that is used to remove eye makeup scratches that do not fit certain will scattered here and there. It will definitely take some time and make your patience thinning.

Eye Makeup - Eye Shadow
Perhaps, the main eye makeup is a must-have women's eye shadow. This is due to a variety of eye shadow can create the illusion of eye to eye may seem soft, sexy, or even violent. eye makeup for brown eyes isn't that difficult.


* If you're new to learn, have eye makeup with neutral colors such as variations in the color brown, white, gray, and black. Neutral colors can be used for various events.
* Do not use a sponge or eye shadow comes from the factory because usually the quality is not good. Choose a wide eye shadow brush and small brush with hair that looks thick and smooth.


Using eye makeup eyeshadow, it’s usually one color, two colors, three colors, or four colors. On the application of color, brush one color only on the eyelids. Then, drag it slightly to the upper boundary is not visible until the skin and eye shadow.

To make up the eyes of two colors, choose two colors of young and old. There are several variations in wear. The first is to put a dark color in the color lines the eyelids and young people above the line.

You can also wear the color pink on the eyelid. Put in the dark corners of the eyes and up to three-quarters of the eyelid crease then, again bright colors on it (under the eyebrows).
Meanwhile, the application of eye makeup is to wear a three color variations of two colors plus a darker color on the corner of the eye. If done properly, eye makeup eyeshadow will increasingly make use of your eyes,

Eye Makeup - Eyeliner
Many women would like eyeliner because it can make a sharper eye makeup like a cat's eye and it suits eye makeup for small eyes. Eyeliner has a variety of forms such as pencils, gels, liquids, and powders.
If you are just learning, do eye makeup pencils and gel forms are the best choice. Pencil may be a bit annoying because it is easily broken and you have to whittle.


* Eye shadow can also be worn as black eyeliner. Add a few drops of water on your brush before taking the black color.
* Freeze your eyeliner pencil before worn so thin.
* Always wear black or brown, however, you can wear white eyeliner on the bottom slightly to eliminate the effects of fatigue.
* Coloring the inside bottom of the eye can be harmful to the health of your eyes. So, better not do.


Wearing eyeliner can be a challenge if you learn to make up the eye. Use the help of a magnifying glass with 5x or more so you can see exactly the line you made.
Draw lines from the inside to the outside of the eye by following the eye line. If in doubt, make a half circle in advance and finish the rest. For the bottom, make the line quite two-thirds of the eye.

Eye Makeup - Mascara
If you do not have much time to make up the eye, wear eye makeup in the form of mascara. In addition to making a more tapering lashes, your eyes so it looks more radiant. Since the age of store mascara that only three to six months, you better not buy expensive mascara. it's great tool for eye makeup for blue eyes


* Use a good eyelash curler with a cushion. Eyelash curler eyelashes help you become more tapering.
* If you really want to appear eccentric, always use black mascara or brown color.


To wear mascara, hold for a moment at the root of the lashes. After that, up to the top follows the shape of the lashes. If you feel less, add one more. Maintain eye makeup, especially regarding maintaining eyelashes to look long-lasting, you can add the powder upon usage. Before swiping your lashes with a brush that is included in mascara, enter the first brush in the powder. The powder is dry on the lashes will help maintain your lashes stay,

Eye Make up - Eyebrows
Make up eye brows part is actually a tricky thing. Because the eyebrows just above the eyes, people will get more attention if there is something wrong with your eyebrows. Conversely, neat and nice eyebrows can change your entire appearance.

If you are unsure of the make-up which one is better trim the eyebrows through professional services. After that, you can add your own blanks eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.


* Look for an eyebrow pencil the same color with your hair exactly. This means you have to choose between black or dark brown.
* If you need to tidy up your own eyebrows, trim the bottom of the eyebrow, not the top.
* You can also wear eye shadow with a similar color, but the results will not be durable.


For coloring eyebrows, do the dotted like to fill in the eyebrow hairs are a little sparse. If you are afraid of polish eye makeup in this one, use the help of a safety line that is made of eye shadow or eyeliner white.

Eyes are the window of heart. Creating beautiful eyes with eye makeup is one way that your heart window also looks more beautiful. Playing with eye makeup will give added value to the appearance. Eye makeup also will help you cover the shortfall in your eyes, like black bags to cover a circular on the eyes.
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