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No one doubted the beauty Megan Fox, actor Mikaela Banes in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, to be aligned in a row the most sexy and beautiful woman in the world. Style of dress and her makeup was often a concern. To mimic a typical makeup Megan Fox, consider the following secret.

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Megan Denise Fox was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States, May 16, 1986. Fox is an actress and an American model. She became famous while playing in the main movie like Holiday In the Sun (2001). She was born in Rockwood, Tennessee. She was a career in the film since 2001.

You must apply a glamorous eye makeup. The trick, use a thick mascara or false eyelashes thick. To make it look more glamorous look, pair these lashes with makeup in a transparent and minimalist.

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Red lipstick. One of the unfortunate of red lipstick, is not having too many gradations of color. However, changing the appearance of red shades become more glamorous and sexy. The application of red lipstick is dependent on the selected hue. Colors are often chosen Megan is a fresh orange-red. Wife of actor Brian Austin Green is combining it with a slightly darker makeup shades with smokey eyes and color of wine. Megan's lips look even more tempting with the addition of a shiny lip gloss.

megan fox hairstylesmegan fox angelina jolie

Minimalist hairstyle. Megan Fox is one of Hollywood artists who are good at balancing between makeup and hairdo. Her dark hair was not too much to show the complicated structure and excessive accessories. Her long hair loose often become one of his trademark. If you want a different impression, Megan usually wore her hair in the center of small curly hair.

Occasional use of retro style. Retro style can make you look more refreshed. Megan takes a modern approach to fashion with retro style.

Note the eyebrow. As an ordinary woman, Megan often seen appearing without makeup. But though her face no makeup, it appears that under no circumstances remain neat and well groomed eyebrows. Dick Page, a makeup artist, recommends to maintain the state of the eyebrows and set it by using a waxy cream eye shadow. "Waxy cream will make the eyebrows become more healthy and radiant," he said. Eyebrows are neat and well maintained will help you when you're not want to dress up too thick.

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Do not smile too much with wide indulgence. One of Megan's secret to looking good is not too much indulgence in a smile. When smiling, smile with a smile full of mystery. Let others guess what's on your mind.

Glance view of the shoulder. The face, neck, and your breasts will look more beautiful with over-the-shoulder pose. This is one of the secrets of the artists in order to always look beautiful when in front of the camera. Megan Fox looks very glamorous and sexy when she glanced at someone over his shoulder.

Customize clothes and makeup. One of the tips so as not to look too excited is by customizing clothing, accessories, and makeup. If your clothing is very beautiful or low-necked, do not make it more complicated with the makeup that is too thick or excessive hair.
megan fox make up

Customize by location. You definitely do not want to look like when it was on the red carpet all the time. Customize your makeup with the right place, so you do not say the wrong costume. Megan is one artist who is good to adjust the make-up to the location. her fashionable make-up is minimal and the top-knot ponytail.