Gold Eye Makeup, the best eye makeup for Tired eyes

Tired eyes can ruin the overall look. But with the right eye makeup method, you can handle it. Red eyes and a black eye bags are two problems commonly experienced. But that does not mean you should be discouraged. The following make-up tips to overcome them.

- Red eye
Red eye can be overcome by using make-up shades of golden eyes. Gold color red can obscure your eyes. Use the light golden color eye shadow on the eyelid to brow bone. To accentuate the color, use a dark brown color eye shadow just below your eyebrows. Then add black mascara on the lashes that look dramatic appearance.

Avoid colors shades of pink, because it can highlight the color red in your eyes.

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here are your gold eye makeup choices:

Gold Eye Makeup

1. Rose Gold
Create a 'drama' with Hollywood-style makeup 40s glam style. Thick eyelashes and eyeliner is a central feature. To create a warm impression, choose shades of gold which contains elements and maroon brown (rose gold).

2. Champagne Gold
Young golden color just to make simple makeup look special. Frame eyes with the eyeliner, then put gold color on the upper lid and slightly below eye line.

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- black eye bags

black eye bags could appear as a result of fatigue and sleep deprivation. The first thing to consider is, do not try to cover it with foundation and concealer that much. It will only create a black eye circles more pronounced. Preferably, use eye liner to look away to the top of your eye. Wearing a dark eye shadow like a dark brown or black (smokey eyes style) could also make it look glamorous. Black eye circles can also be disguised by wearing glitter powder (shimmer) on the top and bottom of the eye. Reflection gloss of powder will make the dark circles eyes are not visible.

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