eye makeup eyeliner

Women find difficulties in how to use eyeliner when applying eye makeup. But if already accustomed to using it, eyeliner can be a weapon to make the eyes look dramatic and beautiful.

eye makeup eyelinereye makeup eyelinereye makeup eyeliner
The main function of the eyeliner is to frame the eyes and cover the lack of eye shape. If you feel less than perfect eye shape (down, too narrow, sagging, etc.) eyeliner is the right tool to enhance your eye shape. Eyeliner is generally used for day-to-day is dark colors like black, brown, blue, and green.
eye makeup eyelinereye makeup eyelinereye makeup eyeliner

eye makeup eyeliner

eye makeup eyeliner

Eyeliner is applied after first applying eyeshadow.

The types of eyeliner common are:

1. Pencil
Eyeliner type is most easily applied and also the most natural. Its use can be thin and vague, suitable for beginners who are just learning to use eyeliner or for everyday use. The surplus is easily cleaned with just water, but its shortcomings are easily washed and easily erased.

2. Liquid
This type of eyeliner is the most difficult to use, although it produced very good results, dramatic and long lasting. It is Suitable for parties or special occasions and applied with a brush.

3. Markers / Stick
Eyeliner markers have advantages such as easy application of eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner with the best results. Shaped like a sharp-tipped markers and wet.

How to wear eyeliner on the eyelids (upper part):

- Put yourself as comfortable as possible in front of the mirror; the best is the sitting position.
- Close your one eye to apply eyeliner.
- With the middle finger of the hand not holding the eyeliner, gently pull the outer corner of eye.
- Put your elbow on a table that holds eyeliner / other coasters. Make sure the hand is not easily shaken.
- Slowly apply the eyeliner right above the lash line, from the inner corner of eye to outer eye corner. Apply in one line.
- Open your eyes and see the results. Apply again if it is less thick.

To get fresh eye effect, apply white eyeliner / light on the inner corner of eye. Another alternative: apply white eyeliner on the bottom of the eye entirely. Practice Frequently in how to use eye makeup eyeliner! ;)