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Brown Eyes, you are really lucky!

Brown eyed beauties are really lucky since makeup for brown eyes is a very hassle-free affair. They can experiment with all kinds of looks and colors and there are very few no-no’s that they have to keep in mind. Both light and dark make up for brown eyes looks good. Several looks that may be considered too severe on other colored eyes suit women with brown eyes.

It’s true – with eye makeup for brown eyes, your choices are almost limitless – you can use just about any color available, and look fantastic. If you have brown eyes, then consider yourself extremely lucky, because you have a much wider choice of colors, and can have fun experimenting with your eye makeup, than any other eye color. You are so fortunate to be born with darker eyes, because eye makeup for brown eyes includes those really dark colors, and you can wear them and have that dramatic, sultry look, without having the risk of looking like a clown.

With your dark eyes, you are also able to wear black mascara and eyeliner, which emphasizes brown eyes beautifully. If you do happen to have lighter hair and eyelashes though, brownish black mascara is more appropriate. A great trick to brighten brown eyes is to use navy blue mascara – your lashes will still look black, but the navy blue does that little something extra to your eyes, to highlight them.

When applying eye makeup for brown eyes, remember that it is your beautiful brown eyes that you want to draw attention to, and not the rest of your face, so be sure to keep the rest of your makeup as neutral as possible. In any case, if you wear bright lipstick and bright blusher with your dramatic eyeshadow, you run the risk of having your makeup looking theatrical, as if you should be on stage.

To make your eyes look longer than what they are, do this by simply extending your shadow and liner just a little further than the corner of your eye, remembering to blend it properly. No matter how good the quality is of the eye makeup for brown eyes you have chosen, to really make it look spectacular, make sure to have a good quality brush as well, with which to apply it.

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes - The colors that go really well with brown eyes are deep shades of brown, blue, plum, gold, blue gray, vanilla, purple and violet. Even eye shadows that have metallic overtones, such as gold and bronze, help to bring out the color of your eyes. When applying eye shadow, remember this thumb rule – shades that are lighter than the natural color of your eyes can be used to create a subtle look whereas shades that are darker and more intense will lend a dramatic look to your eyes.

Eyeliner for Brown Eyes - Now let’s look at the second step of makeup for brown eyes – your eyeliner. Women with brown eyes can experiment with eyeliners of different colors. Try on different shades like bronze, golden browns, dark grays, and navy blue, to name a few. Decide what kind of look you are trying to create before you begin applying eye makeup for brown eyes. For a natural look, eyeliner application will be minimal or you could line your eyes using eye shadow. For a more dramatic look, pair dark eyeliner with light eye shadow. For instance, with plum eyeliner use mauve eye shadow or with light pink shadow you could use aubergine colored eyeliner.

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Here are some suggestions that might be helpful for you :

- Use light shades like peach, taupes, champagne, light pink, and browns to open up your eyes.
- With pink eye shadow, apply a darker color in the crease of your eyes to make your eyes look really bright.
- For a smoky look, choose grey shadow and liner.
- Choose shimmery colors of eye shadow to make your eyes look alive and bright.

When applying makeup for brown eyes remember that light eyeliner will make your eyes appear larger while dark liners will contour your eyes and make them appear smaller. Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, choose your colors carefully.

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Brown Levels

1. Are your eyes deep dark brown? This is the darkest level of brown. In some women their eyes almost appear black. Most eye makeup colors that are in the medium to dark color range will work for you. The one problem this eye color has is that your eye makeup can sometimes look too dark or harsh. For that reason it’s important to use the lighter flecks of color in your eyes to select highlight colors. The contrast between the darker colors and highlight will set off your color best.

2. Are your eyes medium brown? This is truly the easiest color of all to work with. You can wear any color. Mauves, violets and purples all look great on you. You can go the opposite and wear golds, coppers and bronzes. Greens look outstanding on you. If you want to use color, but in a subtle way then use it to line your eyes. Try dramatic looks or multiple colors on your eyes when you want something different.

3. Are your eyes light brown? Light brown eyes are unexpectedly striking. Do you have golden flecks in your eyes? If so then remember to use a very pale yellow as a highlight. The one thing you need to be careful of is not to overpower your brown shade. Limit the darker shadows to use in the crease area. While other colors of brown might enjoy black eyeliner you may want to consider a dark brown instead.

4. Are your eyes so light they look hazel? This is a level that looks great with colors that are just a little darker than your normal skin tone would be. Champagne and mauve colors look great with hazel eyes. The key to making hazel really stand out is to line them with another color such as a violet, bronze or dark brown. Apricot or pink highlight works well with this color, too. Pass on black eyeliner because it tends to overpower hazel.
Your Universal Color Brown eyes, unlike other eyes, do not have an opposite or complementary color. This is because brown is actually a combination of the other colors. In other words, it contains blue, red and yellow. So, technically when it comes to eyeshadow makeup tips for brown eyes, most eye makeup colors work.

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