Dramatic Appearance small eyes changes with Eye Makeup

What's the real idea of doing Eye Makeup? For us that's our very basic concept in this blog. With the right color and shapes choices, We can enhance the soft edges into something dazzling. There are other expensive option such like plastic surgery which actually change your face to something you want. Take a look to Renee Zellweger Eyes before and after advanced modification.
Renee's bigger small eyes

Well, now we have to redefine the small eye makeup search result since Renee zellweger is no longer have small eyes. Here on the pic you can see how different her eyes are before she had them

Actually we have the cheaper solution for this. You see, small eyes are belong to millions of people and there is nothing wrong with it. Asian eyes have most small eyes, yet still you can find there are lots of exotic beauties out there with small eyes. Here's how to make small eyes look bigger with makeup:

 Stay healthy. This means getting plenty of sleep, eating a balanced, healthy diet and minimizing the intake of salt in your diet. Exercise to increase circulation, which in turn reduces water retention. Get good sleep and Wash your face with cool water to reduce any puffiness in eyes. eyes look smaller with swelling face. You could also place cold, used teabags over your eyes. The tannins in the tea act as an astringent, tightening the skin. And Too much salt leads to water retention, which leads to eye puffiness. Reduce your salt intake.
Small Eyes Makeup
Dramatic Appearance small eyes changes with Eye Makeup
After you've done that, then you are ready to enhance your eyes appearance with makeup. here are some tips:


- Shape your eyes. Apply white eyeliner to your waterline, or apply black eyeliner from the outer corner to the middle, not the whole way, AND Apply lighter eye shadows like cream, beige, white etc.

- Groom your eyebrows. your eyebrows affect the way your eyes look. The simple act of removing stray hairs can make your eyes more noticeable. However, assuming that the thinner your eyebrows, the bigger your eyes will look, is A HUGE MISTAKE.

- Make your eyelashes look longer by Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler then Apply mascara. Or you can Apply false eyelashes to make things simpler.

- Extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corners of your eyes. This technique will make your eyes appear wider, but is a tricky technique to do well.  apply eyeliner symmetrically by try doing this with a mirror or ask a friend to help, otherwise, it can make your eyes look lopsided.

- Bring more light into your eyes by adding white eyeshadow or eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes. This technique produces the effect of larger-looking eyes. Use soft white though; a harsh white will look theatrical.  Use the white liner on your lower waterline, it extends the white part of your eye.

- Don't apply eyeliner all the way around your eyes. This is not necessarily a bad thing––small eyes can still look mysterious and dramatic, but if you're looking for a bigger eye effect, that's not the effect that you want.

- Don't apply eyeliner on your lower lashes inside the rim, but just below the lash line, not .  don't let the line come all the way to the inner corner of your eye.

- Don't overdoing it, it will look awkward if you do.