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Hola gals! Who does not know the pop-punk singer from Canada, Avril Lavigne? Take a look at her; Avril appearances from top to bottom are different. Emerged as a teen idol with a Punk Princess, Avril Lavigne spread the "virus" new dress styles, a combination of skater, street style, gothic, and a touch of girly .. But now, the style of Avril became more mature and feminine. Rebel style of dress and natural smokey eyes makeup but identical with it. Well, here ya, smokey eyes, make-up trends of all time. Why? Because, smokey eyes eye makeup techniques enthusiasm is more and more.

Hmm, Avril Lavigne is the best one of the smokey eyes trendsetters. she is brasserie alize eye makeup most inspiration. Check out all the cool makeup, plus a clear impression of the dark eyes. In the past or present, smokey eyes make-up trends are already much-loved, not just for style or gothic rock, but also in accordance with feminine style. Moreover, one of the advantages that smokey eye makeup, could confirm or make the eyes glaze over and slanted so great.

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avril lavigne eye makeup

avril lavigne new Development of the technique in question is the smokey eyes dark impression of the changes to be rather bright. So, it is not only about a dark color, bright colors can also be used. Well, the simple steps are, you can use eyeliner on the eye, after scraping through to the end of the eye, use a blending technique or wipe it with your index finger. This can make the color more pervasive and integrated to look more clear and large. Now, to add intensity, use a little brighter eye shadow. Besides the impression of dark smokey, you can also complement the beauty of your eyes with mascara or eyelash curler. The selected color eye shadows are up to you. Purple, brown, turquoise, but do not be too flashy. Finally, tadaaa, all boys eyes are directed at you.

Although many techniques to decorate with smokey eyes, it turns out some teens choose the right conditions when the impression smokey eye makeup. They often claim to use the smokey eye makeup when attending official events. Indeed smokey eyes makeup is best suited for today's girls. Impression can add beauty smokey eyes. Well, makeup smokey eyes emang you should try. Because, even though you use the smokey eyes technique, your face will still look natural. So, you do not have to add other colors are striking in the face, such as red lipstick or blush.
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Beautify Eyelashes

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Thick and full Eyelashes are women’s dream. it's a part of eye makeup elements. For that, it takes care and routine maintenance. Here, tips to beautify eyelashes:
1. Clean the eyelashes at bedtime. Eyelashes tend to break easily in the dry state. Instead, remove eye makeup before bed, and then apply petroleum jelly on the eyelashes using a cotton swab gently.
2. In order to look beautiful and keep lashes curled, use eyelash curler before applying mascara. Avoid excessive application of mascara for eyelashes can be lumpy and does not look natural.
3. Use vitamin eyelashes. Begin by coating the lashes with face powder, mascara and vitamins in order to be more durable.

Tips to lengthen eyelashes naturally
Every woman would want to look beautiful in many ways to create such beauty. One is to beautify eyelashes, women usually create the effect of lashes that look beautiful with the use of mascara and false eyelashes, to take the way by planting eyelashes are available in beauty salons. There are also some cosmetic products that claim to grow lashes longer. But that's just a temporary nature, well here I've got tips lengthen eyelashes naturally you can try to grow longer eyelashes naturally, with the following five steps.
1. Taking a multivitamin to stimulate eyelash growth. Vitamin E, but good for skin and hair, can also stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Regularly consume vitamin E capsules per day with a drink or meal diligent nuts and green vegetables.
2. Give a lubricant on the lashes, like olive oil or petroleum jelly to get the strong and healthy lashes. Apply the product at night, and clean up after waking up the next morning.

3. Apply vitamin E oil on the lashes using a special brush to clean.
4. Brush your eyelashes every day with a special brush, to avoid dust and dirt on the eyelashes, also make the lashes are always neat.
5. Do not forget to clean the mascara and eyeliner before bed. Chemical particles found in eye makeup can make the lashes be damaged if it is too much left in overnight.

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False Eyelashes

For a woman, with long, thick and curly eyelashes that frame the eye are able to make a more dramatic look for their appearances. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with those kinds of lovely eyelashes. To get those, just use false eyelashes. But, for those who are not used to wear eyelashes by themselves, this trick can thus add a new rush. Beside the smeared glue, the swelling false eyelashes tip can be frustrating.

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Well, do not directly get discouraged by it. Just follow these tips as a guide:

False eyelashes’ types
There are two kinds of false eyelashes. First are false eyelashes in the form of individual pieces. The other ones would be false eyelashes that are arranged in strip form. For starters, it is more advisable to choose the strip form kind because they are easier to wear.

- First, do your eyes makeup. Clasp your eyelashes before applying mascara, and wear eyeliner. A little more thick eyeliner can disguise the false eyelashes are installed not too tight.

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Eyelashes length.

Prepare a magnifying glass, tweezers, eyelash and glue. Choose long false eyelashes according to the length of your own eyelashes. If too long, you can always cut it.
Individual eyelashes
To install individual false eyelashes, take a piece of eyelashes with tweezers, and then dip the base into the eyelash glue. Wait about 30 seconds until the glue works. Then, paste the fake eyelashes on natural eyelashes to outer eye corner. Put three to four pieces of false eyelashes on the outside of the eye, and no more.
Strip eyelashes
Cut the strip of false eyelashes shaped into a half or a third part. Besides easier to apply, eye makeup will look more natural look than if wearing it in full. Dip the base of the false eyelash to the eyelash glue, then wait for 30 seconds until glue works. After that, paste false eyelashes to the outer corner of eye above your natural eyelashes.

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False eyelashes according to eye shape

False eyelashes add to the appeal other than the eye; can also correct the eye shape. For those of you who want to use the eyelashes, the following tips to choose false eyelashes according to eye shape.

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- narrow Eyes. If you want to use false eyelashes, avoid large and thick eyelashes as it will look unnatural. Choose a diameter of half lashes or eyelash unit. Use thick mascara that gives the impression of big eyes.
- Swollen eye / convex eye. If you have a swollen eye or convex eye, select false thick and long eyelashes for the eyes look more deeply.
- Small eyes. You have a small eye shape, use false eyelashes with strands of her long experience in order to impress the eye longer.

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- Eyes down. For the eye drop form, apply false eyelashes which have long strands at the outer corner. This form of false eyelashes will give the impression of a rising currency.
- Eyes In. Eye that is too concave, select false eyelashes with a natural thickness, in order to reinforce the shape of your eyes.
- Large or round eyes. For those of you who already have big eyes, avoid selection of false eyelashes with thick strands. Choose the false eyelashes with long strands of natural and outer corner of the eye seem to be longer.

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Using false eyelashes

Here are some tips you can consider when going to use artificial lashes.
Adjust the size of false eyelashes. The width of the eyes of each person is different; it is necessary to first measure the appropriate length of the lashes. You can close the book on the eyelid false eye to determine the appropriate length of the lashes. Cut false eyelashes that exceed the length of the eyelid.

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she isn't you, right?

Eye makeup. Apply Eye makeup before putting false eyelashes by applying eye makeup eye shadow and eyeliner. Makeup should be done first in order to attach false eyelashes perfect for powder eye shadow or eyeliner can make the adhesion of glue false eyelashes reduced. Pinch the original lashes before wearing false eyelashes.

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Glue false eyelashes. Remove the special adhesive false eyelashes on the back of the hand or on the plastic packaging of false eyelashes. Use a toothpick to pick up the adhesive, and move them to the base of the false eyelashes. Do not be too much because it will cause the adhesive to agglomerate in a strand of fake eyelashes.

Glue on the eyes. Once glued false eyelashes, false eyelash glue on the eyelids in accordance with the growth of eyelashes. Do it carefully in order to stick well. When pressed on the eyes, you can use the help of tweezers. Trim the lashes to look natural and have perfect stick. Let stand for 30 seconds for the glue to dry completely.

Enhance eye makeup. Once the appropriate position of false eyelashes and the glue has dried, you can wear mascara to make lashes look slender and black liquid eyeliner on top lash line to cover the glue and colors to the original eyelashes and fake eyelashes look perfect together.

Using false eyelashes is not easy. So, it takes a lot of practice before the event where you want to wear fake eyelashes on makeup. Use cheap fake eyelashes for practice installation. The more exercise will help the installation of false eyelashes more quickly and cleanly. Eyelashes and eye makeup will look more glamorous.

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long eyelashes

Having long eyelashes and tapering is the dream of every woman. Not surprisingly, curl eyelashes and mascara make them more beautiful. However, for those who have thick eyelashes and super straight, both methods are often ineffective. It may be that, when you do eyelash makeup, you made a mistake. Errors are usually not able to make the lashes are curled up, clamp lashes first, and then apply mascara.

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You need to know, mascara liquid will eliminate the effects of tapering eyelash curler. As a result, only the lashes will look more volume and length, but not tapering. So you do not need always to the salon for eyelash perming your straight, just follow these steps to be more efficient and make more beautiful eyes.
1. Use clear mascara. Clear mascara is essentially acting as a styling gel and holds the lashes that have been tapering, even when you apply the mascara. For that, make clear mascara as your first weapon.
2. Wait until dry. After applying clear mascara, wait a few minutes. Make sure the mascara is completely dry. While waiting, you can arrange your hair first.
3. Pinch lashes. After the clear mascara is dry, clamp your lashes. Tap clamp gently several times, until you get the curved eyelashes. Separate your eyelashes with a brush, if it’s stick.
4. Apply mascara. Your eyelashes are tapering maximum. Staying apply your favorite mascara of any color, without fear of removing the effects of curls. Good luck!

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