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False eyelashes according to eye shape

False eyelashes add to the appeal other than the eye; can also correct the eye shape. For those of you who want to use the eyelashes, the following tips to choose false eyelashes according to eye shape.

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- narrow Eyes. If you want to use false eyelashes, avoid large and thick eyelashes as it will look unnatural. Choose a diameter of half lashes or eyelash unit. Use thick mascara that gives the impression of big eyes.
- Swollen eye / convex eye. If you have a swollen eye or convex eye, select false thick and long eyelashes for the eyes look more deeply.
- Small eyes. You have a small eye shape, use false eyelashes with strands of her long experience in order to impress the eye longer.

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- Eyes down. For the eye drop form, apply false eyelashes which have long strands at the outer corner. This form of false eyelashes will give the impression of a rising currency.
- Eyes In. Eye that is too concave, select false eyelashes with a natural thickness, in order to reinforce the shape of your eyes.
- Large or round eyes. For those of you who already have big eyes, avoid selection of false eyelashes with thick strands. Choose the false eyelashes with long strands of natural and outer corner of the eye seem to be longer.

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