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in hurry? Halloween vampire style is worth trying

vampires makeup Do you celebrate Halloween by experimenting with a variety of creepy makeups? If you're confused by the costume, then, this Halloween vampire style is worth trying. Use your creativity and have fun! There are many interesting characters which can be an inspiration to tone up your Halloween party. However, if you have not found it, you can choose a simple look with makeup, Such as vampire style makeup. This is the easy choice because vampire’s costumes and accessories are readily available and it’s all about easy makeover. You can follow these steps:

- Use a white base layer, thinner than other creations, to get the pale impression.

- Add a black shadow around the lower eyelid from the brow, to give the impression of a concave and a cold and sinister. In the bag of blue eyes make an impression.

- Made some thick eyebrows with rise to the top and a short distance from the eye, At the meeting of the eyebrows or a base for wrinkles brow pencil brown color, with a furrowing brow way.

- Use red berries at the bottom line of the eye to make it look more sinister.

- put on the white lipstick to get pale effect, and then mixed with green and brown.

- Create a line pointing down at the corner edge of the mouth to create the impression of more sinister. Use brown pencil, and then blend with a brush.

- Put fake Dracula fangs, and then apply the red dye that seemed there was blood in both canines and teeth.
vampires makeup vampires makeup
- for men, swept back your hair with hair gel to get ancient and Gothic hairstyle. for women you can modify your hair into medium length hairstyles for modern vampire style such like Kate Beckinsale the underworld movie.

My best makeup choices for 2012 Halloween

And, the best makeup ideas go to.... the Avatar and poison ivy makeup. As you can see, they are bright, brave, colorful and sexy. but you might think those are for movie purpose and you will spend a lot of money and time to working on. Guess what? they are worth to try!.. here i collect some picts to get you the basic idea about avatar and poison ivy.
Avatar Makeup
The Avatar Makeup idea

avatar eye makeup avatar eye makeup
when it comes to avatar, it goes tribal. you can choose a lot of tribal makeup styles and shape, make a blue level variations, then combined with yellow or gold. now you got the basic color and the rest is your wild imagination expressed at this year Halloween.

poison ivy eye makeup poison ivy eye makeup poison ivy eye makeup
well i guess, if poison ivy is your favorite, you can easily find on the internet about nature-style makeup and enhance the color. be brave, as you can see poison ivy makeup color are red, green and gold, they will drive you into the most dramatic eye makeup at your Halloween party.

Happy Halloween :)

Halloween dramatic eye makeup

It's Halloween time and you know this is the best time to launch your dramatic eye makeup, all out. in fact, there aren't right or wrong methods when it comes to Halloween makeup, and i guess the cat eye makeup and smokey eye rule this celebration. Whether you need ideas for your Halloween eye makeup, face paint designs, or your glow in the dark makeup look, it is the best event to express your dream makeup.

what's your choice? zombie? vampire? superhero? or fairy angel? you can do them all by mastering the cat eye makeup and smokey eye makeup methods. here are some pictures those will inspires your best Halloween this year.


zombie eye makeup zombie eye makeup these will be enough to represent the zombies. although they are great, i don't like them because they are really not pretty.

vampire eye makeup vampire eye makeup vampire eye makeup vampire eye makeup these vampires are scary but sexy enough to get the attention. one thing important is fang, that will make difference between zombies and vampires.

Fairy Angels

fairy eye makeup fairy eye makeup And this is my favorite, the fairy angels makeup. those will enhance your skills about the color tone and shape ideas. there is nothing wrong with going beautiful at Halloween party, isn't it? so now you have your own choice, then go for it! it's your makeup time and don't be late...

Keira Knightley Eye Makeup

Greetings, everyone! So I'm going to start a new post on the blog, a cute one. Do you want to have your makeup be like Keira Knightley? does anyone know how to achieve her look? It's not surprising that Keira Knightley looked flawless, Keira's red carpet looks are some of the most carefully thought out on the circuit, the soft, romantic eye makeup that Keira Knightley has been spotted wearing at and British beauty Keira Knightley continues her stunning ways, wowing us all night long and left us a big envy. How lucky she is.

keira knightley eye makeup keira knightley eye makeup keira knightley eye makeup
Wondering about How gorgeous is Keira Knightley? I was really loving Keira Knightley's makeup and I've been a huge fan of Keira's makeup for a while so I figured I'd know this. Keira Knightley's dramatic smokey look is probably the most famous part of her fashion life with her smooth, matte-velvet skin and perfectly pouty lips.

keira knightley eye makeup keira knightley eye makeup
Smoky eyes is definitely Keira's favorite look, and it does make her look perfect! I really liked the way Keira Knightley had her eye makeup done, and If you're the owner of deep brown eyes like Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway then you're lucky in that most eye shadow colours will suit you. On some women such as Keira Knightley - smokey eye makeup is stunning. One of her looks even served as the inspiration for many events makeup and she is well-known for wearing understated, elegant makeup, and her flawless skin, subtle, smoky eye makeup and chic updo. Enhance your beauty like actress Keira Knightley with dramatic eye makeup

keira knightley eye makeup keira knightley eye makeup keira knightley eye makeup keira knightley eye makeup

Eye-shape-based Eye Makeup Chart

i made a chart of basic eye makeup based on eye shape. i guess everybody knows it, but as a beginner this is something you can hold as a start. this post is suppose to be the summary of the previous posts about basic eye makeup to enhance your makeup performance based on eye shape. there at most 7 of eye shape those you will meet in eye makeup, and there will be a lot of styles for you to explore. it's happy eye makeup hour(s?) ! :)

Eye makeup chart eye shape based
Eye-shape-based Eye makeup chart

Basic makeup for hooded eyes

Basic makeup for hooded eyes

- to minimize a droopy lid, sweep a thin line of eyeliner upward and apply a light, highlighting color on entire eyelid.
-extend a darker shade into crease to contour area
- finish with a pastel shade directly under the brow.

Basic makeup for deep-set eyes

Basic makeup for deep-set eyes

- to bring out the eye,use a light, bright color on the entire eyelid.
sweep a shimmery color as highlighter under the brow.
- finish with a medium-to-dark color in the eye crease.

Basic makeup for round eyes

Basic makeup for round eyes

- to elongate the eye, apply a subtle on lid an into crease.
- extend the shade to the outer eye corner and continue down along the lower lid.
- sweep the color to just under the center of your eye.

Basic makeup for prominent eyes

Basic makeup for prominent eyes

- to help recess the look of your eyes, apply a dark flat color to the eyelid.
- extend color into entire eye crease.
- use a pastel color under brow to lighten an lift.

Basic makeup for Asian eyes

Basic makeup for Asian eyes

- to enhance the eyelid surface, apply a light shade under the brow area then divide the eye in half vertically.
- use a light, bright shadow in the half closest to your nose
-finish with a darker tone in the outer half

Basic makeup for almond eyes

Basic makeup for almond eyes

- to add depth, use a light shade on the lid and extend outward to contour the entire area.
- apply a deeper tone of that same color to the outer corner of the lid.
- blend a light shade under the brow for highlighting.

Basic makeup for small eyes

Basic makeup for small eyes

- to open eyes, apply a frosted or pastel color on the entire eyelid.
- use a darker colour in the crease.
- finish with a highlighting shade under the brow to give the eye more prominence.

fly your winged eye makeup away high

6 steps to fly your winged eye makeup
It's a simple chart we made, just to get the basic idea about winged eye makeup, but... you will find this chart useful when you are in hurry... put 3 hours in eye makeup far away from your precious time, and yes, it is the time to fly your winged eye makeup away high and watch the guys trying to get your eye catch..!

The blink of an eye makeup & a touch of your finger nails

What is the connection between the eye makeups with your nail? This is a question that at first glance likes the cliché and boring. Compatibility between the blink of an eye makeup with a touch of your finger nails are often discussed, some in separated topic. But really, fingernail-eye makeup relationship is not just about makeup compatibility only. But the health of our nails also affects the level of health of other parts of our body. With what we are doing eye makeup? Of course with our fingers should always hygienic. We cannot do the makeup, especially eye care, with fingers full of germs. The following are tips 2in1 for your nails and makeup.

brasseriealize 1. The key to healthy nails is diet. Be sure to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients.
2. Clean the old nail polish. Dampen a cotton swab with nail polish remover and emphasize the nails for a few seconds. It helps soften the nail, and then remove with cotton from the base to the tip of the nail. Repeat this process until all nail polish cleaned.
3. Use nail care tool to file and shape your nails. File in one direction. Files back and forth can make your nails split. You can use crystal nail files from to do your nail care.
4. Soak the hands in warm soapy water about 5 minutes, after that clean the dirt from under the nail.
5. Do not push your cuticles back or cut it. Its existence is to prevent infection.
6. Apply a coat of clear base coat on your nails. Wait until the coating dries if you want to apply nail polish colors. Allow to dry and apply another coat of clear nail polish to prevent peeling nail polish.
7. Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion on your hands and nails, massage gently. You can also apply cuticle oil if you like.

makeup 1. Choose makeup that matches the color of the skin.
2. Use lighter concealer color than 1 level foundation. Apply concealer on dots on the face or under the eyes to cover dark circles. Blend it with fingertips or a makeup sponge.
3. Apply foundation. Apply at the center of the face, blend with fingertips or sponge outward to cover the entire face.
4. Apply powder or pressed powder to make foundation last longer.
5. For makeup eyebrows, use an eyebrow powder. Apply with brush and blend well. Choose colors that match the original color of your skin.
6. Use 3 colors eye shadow, from light to dark. Dark eye shadow is use to line on the upper eyelid, a thin line above the eyelashes. Medium color is for the eye crease and the lightest color for the brows.
8. Apply mascara to the top lashes.
9. Apply blush on the cheeks bulge or just below it. Greed is good.
10. Apply lipstick. Outline the lips after applying lipstick. Color lip liner and lipstick the same color can be mixed well with the lipstick. Apply a clear gloss for sheen and moisture.
11. Spray mineral water to the face for fresh-looking makeup throughout the day. Allow it to dry naturally. Do not wipe because it can remove makeup. Let it dry by itself.

Removing Mascara and eyeliner residue

mascaramascaramascara Mascara and eyeliner residue is often difficult to eliminate from the skin, especially if the product is labeled as water proof make-up. Make-up remover is not the only solution to dissipate the remaining mascara and eyeliner. There are natural ways to make the rest of the make-up water proof gone perfectly, as well as skin care. There are five natural ingredients to remove traces of makeup, including mascara and eyeliner.

1. Cucumber
Besides good for removing dark circles and eye bags, cucumber can also be relied upon as the rest of the make-up remover water proof. Here’s how, cut cucumbers up a lot so water will came out. Then dip a cotton swab into cucumber water and clean the eye area.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil is very effective to remove residual mascara and eyeliner. Simply pour a little on cotton, and rubbed on the eyes, the whole mascara and eyeliner can be lifted. Olive oil can also be to clean the rest of the make-up of the other, such as powder and foundation and lipstick.

3. Milk and Yogurt
Milk and yogurt can clean up heavy makeup. Mix 3-4 tablespoons of liquid milk and 3 tablespoons of yogurt, then my makeup with this mixture. Thick foundation, mascara concealer can be erased by using this mixture. After that, rinse with warm water.

4. Coconut milk
Coconut milk contains oil, so it can be used to clean the mascara and eyeliner. Clean the eye area and face with cotton that has been given a coconut. Afterwards, rinse your face with warm water, If not, your face will feel sticky.

5. Baby Oil
Almost the same with olive oil, baby oil can also be relied upon to clean make-up is attached to the face. Abortion is soft because of destined for the baby, so it's safe to use to clean the eye area exposed eyeliner and mascara.

Kristen Stewart Eye Makeup

kristen stewart bella

Kristen Stewart is a natural beauty and she really doesn't even need makeup. Kristen Stewart, the well known actress playing Bella in the Twilight movie series, has managed to capture attention due to her acting talent, beauty, fashion and the smoky eye and Rock 'n Roll look of Kristen Stewart. these tips will show you how to get that sexy, sultry smoky eye makeup look that Kristen Stewart is often spotted wearing on the red carpet. Kristen nails down the smokey eye design that definitely inspires millions to latest fashion.
Eye Makeup

kristen stewart twilight kristen stewart adventureland premiere kristen stewart vogue

1. Kristen Stewart paired her porcelain complexion with dark, smudgy eye shadow that made her completely smoldering, Use a light brown eye shadow over your eye.
2. If you want to be more daring, try a smokey eye makeup look like Kristen Stewart's, using gray and brown eyeshadows. Take the darker of the browns and put that in the crease of your eye and outer 'V' and brush it down under your bottom lash line.
3. Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet wearing a smoky/cat eye hybrid, Put a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lash line and waterline.
4 Use a regular mascara on your top lashes and If you want to, Curl your eyelashes.

fiesta de kristen stewart tips and warnings

- If you want to recreate her look, Use a light shade such as a light pink blush over your cheek bones.
- Make sure to use the correct shade of Foundation as Kristen has a very clear face. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone, for a very natural look and don't forget to Cover up your acne and use lip gloss For a glistening look. Apply lip liner and Use a light lipstick. if desirable, Apply a light shade of gloss, but not the sticky lip gloss.
- Some products may make your skin break out. This is how you can get this super sexy cat eye look, but after you are ready to take off your makeup, Make sure to carefully remove eyeliner and always use a good brand of makeup remover. Have a friend or family member supervise on your makeup process.

what you need for kirsten stewart's makeup
- Cover up
- Foundation
- Pink blush
- Dark brown eye shadow
- Light brown eye shadow
- Brown or black eyeliner
- Eyelash curler
- Brown mascara
- Lip gloss
- Lip liner
- Light lipstick

kristen stewart kristen stewart as a blonde kristen stewart