in hurry? Halloween vampire style is worth trying

vampires makeup Do you celebrate Halloween by experimenting with a variety of creepy makeups? If you're confused by the costume, then, this Halloween vampire style is worth trying. Use your creativity and have fun! There are many interesting characters which can be an inspiration to tone up your Halloween party. However, if you have not found it, you can choose a simple look with makeup, Such as vampire style makeup. This is the easy choice because vampire’s costumes and accessories are readily available and it’s all about easy makeover. You can follow these steps:

- Use a white base layer, thinner than other creations, to get the pale impression.

- Add a black shadow around the lower eyelid from the brow, to give the impression of a concave and a cold and sinister. In the bag of blue eyes make an impression.

- Made some thick eyebrows with rise to the top and a short distance from the eye, At the meeting of the eyebrows or a base for wrinkles brow pencil brown color, with a furrowing brow way.

- Use red berries at the bottom line of the eye to make it look more sinister.

- put on the white lipstick to get pale effect, and then mixed with green and brown.

- Create a line pointing down at the corner edge of the mouth to create the impression of more sinister. Use brown pencil, and then blend with a brush.

- Put fake Dracula fangs, and then apply the red dye that seemed there was blood in both canines and teeth.
vampires makeup vampires makeup
- for men, swept back your hair with hair gel to get ancient and Gothic hairstyle. for women you can modify your hair into medium length hairstyles for modern vampire style such like Kate Beckinsale the underworld movie.