My best makeup choices for 2012 Halloween

And, the best makeup ideas go to.... the Avatar and poison ivy makeup. As you can see, they are bright, brave, colorful and sexy. but you might think those are for movie purpose and you will spend a lot of money and time to working on. Guess what? they are worth to try!.. here i collect some picts to get you the basic idea about avatar and poison ivy.
Avatar Makeup
The Avatar Makeup idea

avatar eye makeup avatar eye makeup
when it comes to avatar, it goes tribal. you can choose a lot of tribal makeup styles and shape, make a blue level variations, then combined with yellow or gold. now you got the basic color and the rest is your wild imagination expressed at this year Halloween.

poison ivy eye makeup poison ivy eye makeup poison ivy eye makeup
well i guess, if poison ivy is your favorite, you can easily find on the internet about nature-style makeup and enhance the color. be brave, as you can see poison ivy makeup color are red, green and gold, they will drive you into the most dramatic eye makeup at your Halloween party.

Happy Halloween :)