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Almost every woman wants her eyes look bigger and her look seems more open.
The common question is: What eye makeup would make my small eyes look bigger? With eye makeup tricks and tips you can solve this problem within the surgical procedures. When applying makeup to small eyes, there are some special tips to include to avoid making eyes appear even smaller. Since the size of eyes will not change, using makeup to enhance them is a great solution. Some common mistakes will make small eyes look even smaller. Avoid makeup errors by learning how to enhance the eye. A few easy steps to any makeup routine can dramatically change a woman's face, including her eyes. Not sure?! I can convince you… here are effective professional makeup tips for small eyes to look bigger.

- First and the easiest makeup tip to make your eyes look bigger is to curl eyelashes. But don’t forget that it should be done before applying mascara. Still if you forget to do it before applying your mascara, be sure to wait until the mascara has dried completely and only after that curl them.

- If you believe that there is no need in applying mascara on your bottom lashes. You are mistaken! The ruse is to know how much to use on those bottom lashes! First apply mascara to the top lashes. Then, with mascara remains left on your brush, apply it to your bottom lashes.

- Another trick to make your eyes look bigger is to use the creamy white eyeliner pencil. To get this look, simply line the bottom eyelids with the creamy white eye pencil. Also use this soft color on the inside corner of both the upper and lower eyelids.

- To make your eyes look bigger, you must also pay attention to your eyebrows. Be sure you pluck them well. And it would be much better to visit a professional to get your brows waxed. A professional stylist can help you to shape them properly. Also slight arch brows can help to make your eyes look bigger.

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Detailed Instructions

1. Apply a base layer of eye shadow primer to the entire eyelid up to the eyebrow. This will prepare the eyelid for applying eye shadow and create a smooth area to work on. A primer also keeps eye shadow from creasing in the fine lines of small eyes. Creasing of eye shadow will look messy and darken eye shadow.

2. Spread a light color eye shadow across the entire eyelid. A good choice of eye shadow color for small eyes is a light ivory or silver. Avoid any eye shadow that is called frost. A bit of shimmer is okay, but a heavy frost will make eyes appear heavy and overdone. Dark eye shadows will only make eyes look dark and smaller.

By applying eyeshadow in different colours and textures, you can intensify or soften your regard, create a certain mood, and even improve your eye shape, depending on the look you want to achieve. To obtain the best results, you not only need to choose the right eyeshadow colour, but also apply it in the most flattering way. In this article you will learn how to put on eyeshadow according to:

* the situation you are making up for.
* the texture of your makeup product.
* the shape of your eyes.

3. Line eyes with a liner that is a deeper color of the eye shadow used. Do not line the entire eye. Apply a thin line to the outer edges of eyelids, darkening the corners of eye. An eyeliner that is too thick or too dark will make eyes look tiny.

4. Sweep a small amount of a light shade of eye shadow on the brow bone. This is the area right underneath the outer half of eyebrow. A good color to use is anything with just a small amount of shimmer. This highlights the entire eye and eyelid, creating a bright larger-looking eye. Try choosing a shadow that is a shimmery version of your natural skin color.

5. Curl upper eyelashes. Use an eyelash curler and curl top eyelashes. After curling, apply mascara to top lashes. Cover only upper lashes with two coats of a dark brown mascara. This will pull lashes away from the center of the eye and allow the white part of the eye to be more visible.

eye makeup for small eyeseye makeup for small eyes

Tips & Warnings

- Neutral shades of eye makeup are best for small eyes.
- Use caution when curling eyelashes to avoid pinching side of eyes or breaking lashes
- Eyelash curlers are sold at many drugstores and are often inexpensive.but, Do not curl lower eyelashes

Eye Makeup for Small Eyes
The aspects:
Eyeliner: Eyeliner is used to create the eye make up more prominent. Using eyeliner is the best way to produce bigger, bolder, and more significant eyes. Eye make up can help overcome the problem of your small eyes, but when used correctly.

Eyelashes: The next to concentrate in your eye enlargement through eye makeup will be on eyelashes. It is essential to curl your eyelashes three times before applying mascara: one at the base, other half way up, and lastly at the tip for getting a mild, rounded curl of your eyelash.

apply mascara. It thickens the eyelashes and enhances attractiveness of the eyes and highlights them. When you apply mascara, take care to spread out your lashes. Brush at the base of your eyelashes in the direction of your nose. Drag the other way up directly. Then, take the tip of your lashes and brush them to your temples. Apply mascara to the lower lashes with downward strokes, twisting the brush back and forth slightly to separate the lashes. Applying in this way, you can draw attention to your eyes making them to be emphasizing. The more they emphasize, the more is highlighting your eye make up and your eyes.

Eye shadow: The next to concentrate on eye make up is eye shadow. Take care when applying even it is a commonly detained faith, impressive eye shadow doesn’t highlight your eyes. In fact, it will make just the opposite.

Applying dramatic eye shadow in excess will lead to shrivel your eyes by focusing them back into your face. So, apply eye shadow a little to look simple when you have small eyes.

Concealer: Next to enhance your eyes with eye make up is to concentrate the area around them. Dark circles around your eyes will make them look even smaller. Use a concealer in eye make up, to hide blemishes and dark circles under the eyes or to make these dark circle areas a little lighter. By doing this, you will be able to enhance your eyes.

Shape of Eyebrow: In your eye make up, finally concentrate on the shape of your eyebrows. Having brows too close together or heavy can make your eyes look smaller. To overcome this, tweeze your eyebrows more than normally. Better if you can bring your eyebrows about an eye length apart.

Having small eyes are not at all a problem if you concentrate your efforts on those small eyes to look great. Enlarging your eyes will become easy with perfection in your eye make up techniques and taking care of the skin near your eyes.

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detailed tools:
here's what you'll need:

* bone-colored eye shadow
* darker-colored crease shadow
* white or champagne cream shadow
* tweezers
* curling mascara
* black or deep-brown eyeliner
* white eyeliner

tips conclusion to make your eyes appear bigger:
1. Apply light pastel coloured eyeshadow on the eyelids.
2. Apply medium-toned eyeshadow in the creases.
3. To give your eyes more prominence, apply highlighting shade under the brows
4. Line upper and lower lids with soft-coloured eyeliner to enhance small eyes.
5. Apply black mascara on upper and lower lashes.

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