Full Makeup Guidance

Actually, the basic idea of makeup is about knowing the steps and understanding characters. but the next thing is, A good makeup should be supported by adequate cosmetics and equipments. The accuracy of the selection and use of cosmetic tools to apply make-up must be addressed. (in few days, the black Friday cosmetic deals and cyber Monday makeup discounts will become your biggest chance to get some upgrades on your cosmetics and makeup tools). in addition, makeup skills is also one of the factors that needed to achieve an optimal result. Here is a brief guidance in doing full makeover. Ideally, Eye makeup is at the second stage of this guidance, we recommend you this guidance as your basic knowledge in doing full makeup.

First stage:

1. Eye make-up remover:  removing/cleaning the eyelids and lips, from dust, sweat, dirt, and the lipstick residue.
2. Milk cleanser:  cleaning the face of dust, sweat, dirt, and the rest of the make-up.
3. Face tonic:  refreshing the face after cleaning, and before make-up.
4. Moisturizer: Used to moisturize the face and protects the face of cosmetics that will be used.
5. Foundation: foundation cream is closed blemishes, acne, and acne scars. Suitable for makeup opportunity evenings.
6. Loose powder: lightens face color and add a bit of characters, it used for smoothing of the foundation. The intent of mixing the face powder is to get not too strong color look.
7. Compact powder: Characteristically shut, used as a finishing touch that completes the makeup. Using olive mixed brown, because adjusting the client's skin color.

Second stage:
1. Eyelid Primer: Optimizing the area around the eye as makeup object
2. Eye brow pencil: To shape the eyebrows.
3. Eye shadow: Serves to make the eyes look more attractive and more alive.
4. Mascara: Serves to increase the volume of eyelashes and eyelash unite with the original color before adding with false eyelashes, so that the eyes seem more alive and expressive. Using mascara liquid form, to be more visible black and thick.
5. Eye liner / liner sealer : highlight the corner of the eye and defining eye frames
- Up eye: Serves to establish or change the impression on the eye to make it look more alive. Using a liquid eye liner, because it looks thicker and can change the impression on the eye.
- Under eye: Serves also to change the impression that the eyes look more prominent mta. Using eye liner pencil-shaped, as used in the passage sensitive eyes.

Third stage:
1. Shading
- Nose: Intended to change the impression on the nose that require correction.
- Jaws: A dark shadow that is provided to give an impression of disguise, diminish, or shrink the jaw area.
2. Blush on:  brightens and gives the face a fresh impression.
3. Lipstick: Used as a finishing touch at the end of makeup.
4. Lip gloss: Used after lipstick. It gives glossy impression and highlights the shape of the lips so it looks fresh.

we called it a day for now. share your methods too ^_^ have a good day