Enhance Eye Makeup With Eye Lashes

Kim Kardashian Enhanced Eye Makeup
Kim Kardashian Enhanced Eye Makeup With Eye Lashes
There's nothing wrong with vibrant eye shadow colors, while you are in the mood. But what if you are not? Sometimes we want something more about Eye Makeup enhancements, and this time we recommend you using Long Eyelashes with Mascara just like Kim Kardashian did. It is one simple way in enhancing our eye makeup in limited makeover time.

Here we can see Kim's Eyelashes works like twin sparkling stars. So beautiful combined with smokey eyes style. the dark accent of smokey eyes makes her eyes sparkling more in every sidelong glances. It suits your black dress for events at the
evening of your promotion party, any other formal occasions. very dazzling.
Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup

Enhanced Eye Makeup Kim Kardashian
Using false eyelashes is one of the way in assuring your eye makeup perfections. However, most users think that the false eyelashes can be used only once. In fact, a pair of false eyelashes can actually be used halted from 3 to 12 times the usage, depending on the quality of the material.

Here are tips from us on taking care of false eyelashes in order to keep them remain durable in use, while saving your beauty care budget.

1. Choose the false eyelashes with a good material. Rather than synthetic hair material, the material of the original hair is usually more durable and flexible when stored after usage. Generally, false eyelashes with synthetic hair material can be used up to 3-5 times. While false eyelashes from genuine human hair can be used from 6 times to 12 times of usage.
Kim Kardashian's Makeup With Eye Lashes

2. When removing the false eyelashes from the eyelid after usage, put them back in their case. If necessary, prepare a special box to keep them hygienic.   while stored Microbiology can affect it when false eyelashes were used back.

3. When you want to use return false eyelashes, brush gently with a clean mascara comb, so that false eyelashes are free of dust.

Well, false eyelashes are ready to use again. Or, you can save more time with Eyelash Extensions.

Have A dazzling day, girls..