No-Makeup Style makeup

 Hello 2015!

Natural look and simple impression gained its popularity since last year. This trend comes as the development of innovative treatments hair shape eyebrows. This year in 2015, women begin to focus on the eyebrows' shape and condition, thus leaving the style smokey eyes or dark shades of heavy makeup. does it mean you have to be like Taylor swift in this pic? the answer is of course not
taylor swift No-Makeup Style makeup
Taylor Swift with No-Makeup

"No-Makeup Style makeup" is now attached to modern impression that can be worn on any occasion. It gives the smooth look impression without makeup. This makeup precisely assessed make us women appear classy and elegant. this style of makeup is somehow to optimize face edges and shape, at least to get a similar look like the natural beauty Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway No-Makeup Style
Anne Hathaway No-Makeup Style

For those of you who do not like the heavy makeup, "No Makeup" Style can be the answer. It's because clothing and whatever event is in perfect harmony with No Makeup Style. besides natural, no makeup style gives the impression of a fresh and youthful look.

Technically facial aesthetics, there are still many women mistakenly interpret "No-Makeup Style makeup" is understood completely about without wearing makeup or plain. Makeup does not mean completely bare face and not touched cosmetics. "No-Makeup Style makeup" still requires texture brushstrokes and color camouflage makeup to enhance results. Jennifer Lawrence is great example for this.
Jennifer Lawrence No-Makeup Style makeup
Jennifer Lawrence No-Makeup Style makeup

"No-Makeup Style makeup" also always add a tinge of shiny glowing on the face, which should also cover the shortfall in the face evenly and smooth outward techniques. Makeup trend is generally used game color layers, both of foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, bronzer or blush-on, who does not give a real look and heavy on the face. for this, Kristen Stewart won our heart.
Kristen Stewart No-Makeup Style makeup
Kristen Stewart No-Makeup Style makeup

Now there are many women who choose the style no makeup for all occasions. Even when working or when during wedding ceremony. By apply "No-Makeup Style makeup" appropriately,  this style can be stunningly beautiful and cover the face shortages.

Full Makeup Guidance

Actually, the basic idea of makeup is about knowing the steps and understanding characters. but the next thing is, A good makeup should be supported by adequate cosmetics and equipments. The accuracy of the selection and use of cosmetic tools to apply make-up must be addressed. (in few days, the black Friday cosmetic deals and cyber Monday makeup discounts will become your biggest chance to get some upgrades on your cosmetics and makeup tools). in addition, makeup skills is also one of the factors that needed to achieve an optimal result. Here is a brief guidance in doing full makeover. Ideally, Eye makeup is at the second stage of this guidance, we recommend you this guidance as your basic knowledge in doing full makeup.

Jennifer Lawrence, Eye Makeup or Personality?

Jennifer Lawrence Eye Makeup
Well, The 24-year-old "Hunger Games" actress took over David Letterman's chair yesterday and we thought it's a good idea to brought her lovely face into conversations.recently stumbled across this picture of Jennifer Lawrence and instantly fell in love with her makeup look. This girl is at least, perfect. she has a heart-shape face so it is ideally to put various makeup on her. Face contouring isn't that necessarily needed. We can always count on Jennifer Lawrence to have something interesting going on in either the fashion or makeup department. An ordinary makeover would be more than enough for Jennifer Lawrence, plus, Jennifer likes to be daring with her look. She's not afraid to really wear makeup. We're crushing on her rosy cheeks, soft lip and smudged eyes, aren't you? As if Jennifer Lawrence couldn't get any hotter, she goes

Dramatic Appearance small eyes changes with Eye Makeup

What's the real idea of doing Eye Makeup? For us that's our very basic concept in this blog. With the right color and shapes choices, We can enhance the soft edges into something dazzling. There are other expensive option such like plastic surgery which actually change your face to something you want. Take a look to Renee Zellweger Eyes before and after advanced modification.
Renee's bigger small eyes

Well, now we have to redefine the small eye makeup search result since Renee zellweger is no longer have small eyes. Here on the pic you can see how different her eyes are before she had them

Enhance Eye Makeup With Eye Lashes

Kim Kardashian Enhanced Eye Makeup
Kim Kardashian Enhanced Eye Makeup With Eye Lashes
There's nothing wrong with vibrant eye shadow colors, while you are in the mood. But what if you are not? Sometimes we want something more about Eye Makeup enhancements, and this time we recommend you using Long Eyelashes with Mascara just like Kim Kardashian did. It is one simple way in enhancing our eye makeup in limited makeover time.

Here we can see Kim's Eyelashes works like twin sparkling stars. So beautiful combined with smokey eyes style. the dark accent of smokey eyes makes her eyes sparkling more in every sidelong glances. It suits your black dress for events at the