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Using false eyelashes

Here are some tips you can consider when going to use artificial lashes.
Adjust the size of false eyelashes. The width of the eyes of each person is different; it is necessary to first measure the appropriate length of the lashes. You can close the book on the eyelid false eye to determine the appropriate length of the lashes. Cut false eyelashes that exceed the length of the eyelid.

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Eye makeup. Apply Eye makeup before putting false eyelashes by applying eye makeup eye shadow and eyeliner. Makeup should be done first in order to attach false eyelashes perfect for powder eye shadow or eyeliner can make the adhesion of glue false eyelashes reduced. Pinch the original lashes before wearing false eyelashes.

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Glue false eyelashes. Remove the special adhesive false eyelashes on the back of the hand or on the plastic packaging of false eyelashes. Use a toothpick to pick up the adhesive, and move them to the base of the false eyelashes. Do not be too much because it will cause the adhesive to agglomerate in a strand of fake eyelashes.

Glue on the eyes. Once glued false eyelashes, false eyelash glue on the eyelids in accordance with the growth of eyelashes. Do it carefully in order to stick well. When pressed on the eyes, you can use the help of tweezers. Trim the lashes to look natural and have perfect stick. Let stand for 30 seconds for the glue to dry completely.

Enhance eye makeup. Once the appropriate position of false eyelashes and the glue has dried, you can wear mascara to make lashes look slender and black liquid eyeliner on top lash line to cover the glue and colors to the original eyelashes and fake eyelashes look perfect together.

Using false eyelashes is not easy. So, it takes a lot of practice before the event where you want to wear fake eyelashes on makeup. Use cheap fake eyelashes for practice installation. The more exercise will help the installation of false eyelashes more quickly and cleanly. Eyelashes and eye makeup will look more glamorous.

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