Eye makeup remover

eye makeup removal

Eye makeup is more difficult to remove because it is on delicate areas around the eyes are classified as sensitive. But if not cleaned properly, can cause dark circles and even wrinkles in the eye area.
eye makeup removal

Follow these 4 steps to clean eye makeup effectively:

- Put a little eye makeup remover on a cotton bud. (If no, use baby oil).
- Remove eye makeup one by one (left or right first). Apply eye makeup remover gently with a cotton bud on the eyes closed to remove eyeliner and mascara. Use cotton swab to remove eyeshadow. Let stand for 1 minute for eye make up remover to absorb properly.
- After that, move cotton bud or cotton swab slowly and gently downward to remove eye makeup as a whole.
- Open your eyes and clean the remnants of make-up on the bottom lashes. Make sure no remnants are left behind.

eye makeup removaleye makeup removaleye makeup removal

Be careful:

- Do not use the same cotton bud or cotton swab to clean the makeup in both eyes, because it can cause infection.
- Avoid using soap to clean the eye makeup on the face, because it can not clean the skin on the eye area thoroughly.
- The skin in the eye area is more sensitive than other areas, so select the Eye makeup remover product that is safe, especially for contact lens users.

eye makeup removal