The blink of an eye makeup & a touch of your finger nails

What is the connection between the eye makeups with your nail? This is a question that at first glance likes the cliché and boring. Compatibility between the blink of an eye makeup with a touch of your finger nails are often discussed, some in separated topic. But really, fingernail-eye makeup relationship is not just about makeup compatibility only. But the health of our nails also affects the level of health of other parts of our body. With what we are doing eye makeup? Of course with our fingers should always hygienic. We cannot do the makeup, especially eye care, with fingers full of germs. The following are tips 2in1 for your nails and makeup.

brasseriealize 1. The key to healthy nails is diet. Be sure to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients.
2. Clean the old nail polish. Dampen a cotton swab with nail polish remover and emphasize the nails for a few seconds. It helps soften the nail, and then remove with cotton from the base to the tip of the nail. Repeat this process until all nail polish cleaned.
3. Use nail care tool to file and shape your nails. File in one direction. Files back and forth can make your nails split. You can use crystal nail files from to do your nail care.
4. Soak the hands in warm soapy water about 5 minutes, after that clean the dirt from under the nail.
5. Do not push your cuticles back or cut it. Its existence is to prevent infection.
6. Apply a coat of clear base coat on your nails. Wait until the coating dries if you want to apply nail polish colors. Allow to dry and apply another coat of clear nail polish to prevent peeling nail polish.
7. Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion on your hands and nails, massage gently. You can also apply cuticle oil if you like.

makeup 1. Choose makeup that matches the color of the skin.
2. Use lighter concealer color than 1 level foundation. Apply concealer on dots on the face or under the eyes to cover dark circles. Blend it with fingertips or a makeup sponge.
3. Apply foundation. Apply at the center of the face, blend with fingertips or sponge outward to cover the entire face.
4. Apply powder or pressed powder to make foundation last longer.
5. For makeup eyebrows, use an eyebrow powder. Apply with brush and blend well. Choose colors that match the original color of your skin.
6. Use 3 colors eye shadow, from light to dark. Dark eye shadow is use to line on the upper eyelid, a thin line above the eyelashes. Medium color is for the eye crease and the lightest color for the brows.
8. Apply mascara to the top lashes.
9. Apply blush on the cheeks bulge or just below it. Greed is good.
10. Apply lipstick. Outline the lips after applying lipstick. Color lip liner and lipstick the same color can be mixed well with the lipstick. Apply a clear gloss for sheen and moisture.
11. Spray mineral water to the face for fresh-looking makeup throughout the day. Allow it to dry naturally. Do not wipe because it can remove makeup. Let it dry by itself.