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Does anyone know how to do eye makeup like Katy Perry in her videos for "thinking of you" or "ur so gay"? Katy Perry has been admired not only as a singer but as a beauty icon as well. Katy Perry is known for her daring makeup and clothing, Katy Perry has emerged as something of a style icon over the past year. Katy Perry's style is the best mix of 80s and 60s style that all can think of. What sets Katy Perry aside is her unique and striking makeup style. Katy Perry's tantalizing eyes are enough to get the men swoon. The sensational singer knows that she looks ravishing in her cat eyes makeup. Beside her makeup, Katy Perry always managed to surprise us with a variety of hair styles. Do you like the sleek style, or do you prefer Katy's hair longer?

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Katy is not only amazing singer, but Katy is a vision of exotic elegance, an amalgamation of beauty, style and now an entrepreneur. Her makeup portrays the particular woman's design and style similar to a “concoction with regards to diverse things”. Even if you aren't brave enough to take the leap by copying Katy's aqua-hued hair, you can still embody her colorful spring makeup in a few easy steps. Some of her looks are fairly easy and can be worn formally or casually. It’s like she can never go wrong with her look. "Apply the color close to the lash line and blend well," says Katy Perry's makeup artist Jake Bailey. With a little practice, you'll master these super glamorous styles.
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Here are some pictures of Katy Perry with beautiful Cat Eye Makeup. You can easily add a touch of glamour to your style by analyzing her makeup. You can get your eye makeup look like Katy Perry's in her 'Waking up in Vegas' video, or you can be so bold as to change your hair style once in a while like Katy Perry. So it should come as no surprise for lovely Katy Perry, a girl who's not afraid to push her hair and makeup to the next level. By the way, the modern vintage pin-up look is really her thing. Her eye makeup really pops in these pictures. Her style seems to have been inspired by Betty Page and Madonna. Katy plays up her eyes with a very light, glittery eye shadow such as silver. She manages to take classic pinup style and combine it with 80's glam to great trendsetter ideas. It's hard to ignore the hideous '80s images that flash before our eyes when we think of her. Isn't it cute how she matched her eye makeup to her entire outfit too? Katy Perry is a smart singer how to steal her attention to fashion it chooses. There were many beautiful hair and makeup looks at celebrities’ showbiz, but it was Katy Perry's colorful style that stole the boys' attentions. Katy Perry's colorful makeup is perfect for a fun night out.
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Katy Perry Eye Makeup Styles

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