Creative Eye Makeup Ideas

The season could inspire its own color. So even with makeup. A wide selection of bright colors on the eyes ready to make you the center of attention. World fashion stages also provide refreshing inspirations, ranging from orange to green, so refreshing and the eye makeup increasingly speaks. Pair with natural makeup lip and cheek and let your eyes shining!
Eye Makeup Ideas
Bright Colors Eye Makeup Ideas
do you want the rainbow/multiple-colors of eye shadow without looking overdone? Brush orange, pink, and purple, in the eyelid, starting from the inner corner to the outer portion of the eye. A wash of black eye liner and mascara will complete the makeup. Simply blend blush and lipstick colors soft as a friend.
Creative Eye Makeup Ideas
dramatic eye makeup ideas

have you ever thought of using purple eye shadow for eye makeup? Now is the time! brush across the eyelid. Use a brush that has been soaked in water so that the colors look more 'out'.

Creative Eye Makeup Ideas
purple theme eye makeup
frame around the eyes with black eye liner so that the eyes sharper. And lastly seal lips with lip gloss.

Makeup Smokey Eyes: Smokey eyes makeup can be chosen to accentuate the sexiness of your eyes and enlarge the shape of the eye.
Angle-based Eye Makeup: Make up in the corner of the eye to form the desired eye.
Slanted Eyes Makeup Techniques and Cats Eyes: Makeup to widen slanted eyes, with technical knowledge glue on the eyelids, as well as how to create a cat eye.